A surprise, we just went over this
Wed Jul 18, 2018 17:32

Why was Marley so frustrating? Dade shut his hazel eyes and underneath his lids, looked up at the ceiling for patience. All he was trying to do was warn her about Claudia. If nobody was going to take him seriously about Claudia, it was no wonder that she was so dangerous. Everyone thought that she was so innocent and nice, just because - well, Dade didn’t know why. Maybe she had some sort of spell that she’d put on her so that everyone would think she was all innocent and nice. Or maybe it was just that nobody noticed she was dangerous until it was too late. Dade knew he was in danger and all that he’d wanted to do was tell Marley so she knew she was in danger too, and so they could maybe work together to prevent Claudia from hurting either one of them. Maybe they could trick her into attacking one of them and then get her expelled - something like that. But probably not, because Claudia would probably just pretend to be so sad again just like she had when she had been preparing to attack him and he’d set the hallway on fire. It was only a matter of time. He knew it, but Marley didn’t believe him.

“Mr. Tennant knows,” Dade opened his eyes and said patiently. He looked around again just to make sure Claudia hadn’t snuck up on them or something while he had been waiting for Marley to stop being so frustratingly stupid. She was older than Dade, she was supposed to know more things about how life worked, not be dumber. And she was definitely dumber. Why could nobody see how dangerous Claudia was? “But nobody believes me that she’s trying to attack me. And because Connor is in my dorm, it’s just a matter of time. We need to protect each other from them, otherwise we’re both going to be in trouble.” His voice was low but fervent, his hands bunched in the hem of his shirt. This was terrifying. What if someone overheard and told Claudia? Then she’d know his plans.

“If she finds out about this she’s going to try to separate us,” the third-year whispered rapidly, eyes still flicking around the bonfires. He thought he’d seen Claudia - but maybe it was a figment of his imagination. But maybe they were planning on surrounding him at the Opening Feast, when the fires would block the professors’ view. Maybe that was the plan. Maybe they had tricked him into coming over to Marley. Maybe that was their plan the entire time, and he had just been playing right into their plot. Dade’s breathing quickened and he looked even more nervous than he had before. “You have to believe me, Marley,” he said, almost begging now. “You have to.”

  • Marley was quickly feeling lost-er as Dade went on. Some of the things he was saying were making sense on their own, but then they were strung together with parts that didn't make much sense at all,... more
    • A surprise, we just went over this - Dade, Wed Jul 18 17:32
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