And I want to get so much more!
Thu Jul 19, 2018 15:49

Surprisingly, Teal was very eager to answer Leah’s Internet question. (The fifth-year talked a lot, and a smile lingered on her face while she gestured to underline her words.) But maybe she was only being so helpful and friendly because it was her duty as a prefect, not because she’d taken a particular liking to Leah. Nevertheless, she was happy that one of the biggest weights she’d been carrying on her shoulders had been removed.

Leah hadn’t asked about internet access because she wanted to stay in touch with her family back home. (None of her parents actually knew how to use a computer; they didn’t even own one.) Rather, the Internet was the best resource to find information she’d have trouble obtaining otherwise, be it advice on how to get rid of spots, weird animal facts, or video tutorials showing her how to draw. Leah used it as a refuge as well, and it was nice to know that she could retreat to her online world whenever life at RMI got too much for her to handle.

When Teal chattered on about different subjects and teachers and exams, Leah was relieved that the conversation had naturally turned towards academic matters. After all, she was here to learn!

The curious girl that she was, Leah couldn’t wait to finally start classes, even though she didn’t exactly know what she’d actually be studying. Again, things had probably changed quite a lot since her Dad had attended the school. Teal talked about Cultural Studies, Runes, Divination, and something called McScience (which was a very silly name for a subject, but perhaps it was Scottish). Leah would love to attend all of these classes if she was allowed to. However, she believed that this would most likely not be the case, so she’d have to narrow it down to the best and most interesting ones. Maybe Teal could help her there.

“What’s your favourite subject then?” she asked, hoping to convey her enthusiasm to the prefect girl.

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    Teal was glad to see Leah, the firstie, grab some food. The other girl had an intriguing accent that Teal couldn’t place, but by now, at the grand old age of 15, she knew better than to ask. She... more
    • And I want to get so much more! - Leah, Thu Jul 19 15:49
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