We know each other well
Sat Jul 21, 2018 20:08

Sadie couldn’t wait to start exploring Rocky Mountain International. Pretty much everyone she’d ever known in her life had worked there, gone to school there, or both. There were lots of fun stories and rumors and she knew this place could be tons of fun. She didn’t like that they had to go to classes pretty much immediately. They had tons of classes to get introduced to, sure, but that still seemed soon. She wanted time to adjust and adventure! Plus, what about everyone who was from different time zones, countries even, that had to deal with the huge time change? Sounded like it would super suck to be them, since they had to get up and go to classes the next morning while still figuring out how to function in their new time and place.

Thankfully there were tons of things to do outside of classes. Sadie knew for a fact that there was Quidditch. Her parents had been crazy into it. Most of her family was, really. She and Elliot had done a couple of family pick-up games, and that had been fun. She liked being a beater and chaser the most. Playing on the Aquila Lyra Cetus team was one of her top priorities. She also knew that Garen was the director of the Drama Club. Depending on the show, she might join. When she was younger and Mom and Elliot’s aunt were trying to figure out how to get along, she’d been in a few dance classes. She wasn’t the best, but she had basic skills and thought it was fun.

Now, there were a few things that caught Sadie’s interest. She was very excited to hear Elliot suggest one of her favorite activities: a bet. Now that was interesting! It would be more fun to find the passageways on their own. She doubted that they’d ever get someone to give them hints anyway. Maybe they could trick one of the older kids into telling them, but that wouldn’t be fair to the bet.

“I am totally in,” she agreed. Those were great terms, and she felt this would be a great start to school. “This is gonna be awesome. I can’t wait to start doing all this magic stuff at school. Also, oh my god, I’m gonna actually get to sleep tonight. No crying Ava!”

  • Not in the slightest - Elliot, Tue Jul 17 22:54
    Sadie rolled her eyes so hard that they could’ve fallen out of her head, and Elliot laughed at her tone. “Probably pretty fast,” he answered her question, although he wasn’t sure. He’d packed all of... more
    • We know each other well - Sadie, Sat Jul 21 20:08
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