Satveer Mittal
"I didn't teach him that"
Sun Jul 22, 2018 11:20

Satveer felt overjoyed. His highly anticipated return to RMI, and carefully orchestrated gift couldn’t have gone any better. Well it could have, but Satveer would leave pondering the possibilities until later that evening.

Satveer had an inkling that Kit already had associations with Dragons, but he couldn’t recall any specific ties. Her affirmation as to it, was a welcome factoid. Coupled with the fact that Kit Katherine loved dragons (as well as Darby - and by association, spiders), Satveer had always had a love of dragons. And ever since he was young, he identified with the mighty Hebridean Black more than any other. This was mostly because the Hebridean Black had purple eyes, and in his youth (as it still was), purple was his favorite colour. The fact that it was from the UK was just coincidence.

Satveer’s smile widened the more Katherine talked. Her new approach, however mature and equally as lovely, didn’t seem to hide the Kit-ness inside. When she threw her arms around him with Kit-like enthusiasm, Satveer hugged her a little tighter than he’d ever done before. He was on Cloud 9.

In the light of day, the similarities were obvious. OF COURSE Katherine loved Lilo & Stitch. He didn’t know if he’d missed her talking about it previously, and he’d never been allowed in her dorms to see any posters… but the more you thought about it, she was equal parts Lilo and Stitch. Satveer had a general love of animation, and was a lifelong fan of Disney. The animation was beautiful to watch and the stories really stuck the heart strings. Upon the revelation of his artworks proposed home, Satveer grinned and put on his best Stitch voice, “Meega, nala kwishta!” and giggled a little. Unsure if it translated, and in fear of losing his audience, he followed it up with “This is my family. It is small, and broken but still good!” He nodded, mimicking the small blue alien.

  • A rose by any other name - Katherine, Fri Jul 13 06:49
    It was Kit’s Katherine’s friend Satveer who she had offered her hand to, and the redhead beamed when he called her Katherine instead of Kit. It was catching on! Soon everyone was going to be calling... more
    • "I didn't teach him that" - Satveer Mittal, Sun Jul 22 11:20
      • How do you know? - Katherine, Mon Jul 23 07:46
        Satveer jumped like, a million and ten points on Katherine’s scale of people who were cool at RMI when he did a Stitch impression. It obviously wasn’t as good as Kit’s Stitch impression because... more
        • I've always kept a close eye on.... where'd he go? - Satveer Mittal, Tue Jul 24 07:48
          Other than what Katherine had told him, Satveer had no clue as to what traits 565 had to offer. He was however immensely comforted by the fact that Katherine had deemed him worthy of a likeness.... more
          • He escaped! - Katherine, Wed Jul 25 16:51
            Apparently Satveer wasn’t good at ‘three-dimensional creativity’ which was totally Kit’s jam, but he wanted her to teach him! That was just the best, Kit loved it when people were interested in the... more
            • Have you still got your left shoe? - Satveer, Fri Jul 27 09:20
              Satveer heard the words “Super yes!” and he felt his dread dissipate and his relief light up like a firework. He was overflowing of excitement. A super(yes) happy smile happened across his face and... more
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