Kaye Packman
Absolutely willing to pick up this package
Sun Jul 22, 2018 19:47

There had only been two people to ever write Kaye at school. Anyone could guess that the two were her dads. They wrote frequently, often accompanying their letters with little packages of trinkets and inside jokes, and met her on Pearl Street for brunch at least once a month. Now that her lupus was pretty under control, they’d calmed down more or less. There was less concern about random organ failure or whatever. They barely even needed to adjust her medication over the summer. As long as she went to her appointments with the medic like she was supposed to, which was super easy since she was one of like five people taking the Healing internship, they felt good.

She imagined that she might get more letters this year. Holland said they’d write if she did, and as soon as Kaye had something interesting to say, she’d definitely send them a note. It just so happened that all of the interesting people graduated so what was she supposed to talk about? She also promised Danny that she’d keep an eye on Claudia, which so far meant doing nothing. Keeping an eye on her often meant looking in Connor’s direction, and she got so immediately bored that she forgot what she was supposed to be doing and stared at a more interesting napkin instead.

A letter from Ruben was pretty expected, but she was still a little startled by the large owl landing practically on top of her breakfast tacos. They were one of her favorite Rocky Mountain International staples. She liked the nutella crepes well enough, but they didn’t compare to her Papa’s. The breakfast tacos, however, were even better than the ones she got from food trucks in Galveston, and that was saying something. Breakfast tacos were basically the life blood of Texas. She had half a mind to ask some of the house elves she was friendlier with to show her how they were made.

Anyway, the owl almost landed on top of the breakfast tacos she was so invested in eating. It had to be the queso. Or the fact that the soft shells were clearly infused with some kind of delicious seasoning. She seriously couldn’t place it. She swiped the plate away from the owl’s wingspan before it could do something worse, like knock everything to the floor. She didn’t recognize the owl, but she did recognize the handwriting on the envelope.

She certainly didn’t recognize the language or whatever but this was clearly from Ruben. The breakfast tacos at RMI were incredibly important to the Aquila, so it meant something that they became completely abandoned and forgotten as Kaye tore open the envelope.

The mariachi music was unexpected and the confetti landed in her bubblegum pink bob, but she didn’t even care. In fact, it made her laugh, and at her touch, the letter deciphered itself to something she could understand. Even if it hadn’t, she didn’t need it to. The seemingly blank frame that came with the note, which promised a Pearl Street visit soon, quickly sprung to life and showed Kaye a scene that made even her blush.

She bit her bottom lip and grinned like a love sick moron as the photo Ruben became more like the Ruben she went skinny dipping with just a couple of weeks ago. Her heart fluttered uncontrollably. She could have sworn the beat could be seen under her rather see through black skater dress. There was totally heat in her cheeks and - wow, she felt super warm for being in the Diner. The super skinny seventh year was always cold, so that was pretty significant. What was also significant was the heat she felt behind her from someone looking at Photo Ruben’s retreating figure over her shoulder. Kaye turned immediately and raised matching pink eyebrows.

“I’m sure if you beg, he’ll come back and do it again,” she quipped, ice blue eyes glinting with the dare.

  • Mail Delivery for Kaye Packman - An Ural Owl, Wed Jul 18 22:10
    A deep wo-hooo came echoing out of the ducts. If any of the diners below were paying attention, they surely would have heard it. If any weren't, they would surely notice what happened moments after,... more
    • Absolutely willing to pick up this package - Kaye Packman, Sun Jul 22 19:47
      • Sharing is caring - Myfanwy Owen, Mon Jul 23 10:52
        Myfanwy had prepared breakfast in her dormitory that morning. She was making more effort than usual to be in the Diner at mealtimes, feeling some sort of responsibility to the badge on her robes and... more
        • Not interested in sharing with you - Kaye, Thu Aug 2 23:48
          Kaye’s eyes narrowed slightly. The motion was so small that it may have been imperceptible to someone who didn’t know the Aquila well. It was true that Ruben had wandered around the school in... more
          • Suit yourself - Myfanwy, Mon Aug 6 09:02
            “So what have you been doing to keep yourself entertained around here?” Kaye asked. Myfanwy tried not to look too surprised as she started eating her breakfast; she had never been friends with Kaye,... more
            • I usually do - Kaye, Wed Aug 8 20:22
              Well, it sounded like Myffi had plenty to keep her busy here after all. In a moment of absolute boredom, Kaye briefly considered getting a job on Pearl Street. She did not feel suited for typical... more
              • I call that selfish - Myffi, Tue Aug 14 06:26
                Myffi breathed a sigh of relief as Kaye confirmed that she wasn’t going to tattle about the distillery. It probably had more to do with Ruben than any sort of alignment with Myffi (or maybe her... more
                • Eh, words - Kaye, Sun Aug 19 10:58
                  “Wait, shut the eff up,” Kaye blinked her heavily lined blue eyes in complete surprise. “There were brownies? And you shared them with Nolan and the peg leg didn’t even save me a bite? The traitor!”... more
                  • More words - Myffi, Mon Aug 20 10:28
                    Again, Kaye swore near her, but this time Myfanwy noticed that Kaye wasn’t swearing at her, exactly. Just in her presence. That was somehow less offensive than having her yearmate swear at her... more
                    • Extra words - Kaye, Wed Aug 22 17:14
                      Kaye really liked the idea of falling into this bizarre friend group. Leo, Myffi, and Nolan weren’t exactly something that made sense, but it didn’t feel wrong. They all meshed together in their own... more
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