Myfanwy Owen
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Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:52

Myfanwy had prepared breakfast in her dormitory that morning. She was making more effort than usual to be in the Diner at mealtimes, feeling some sort of responsibility to the badge on her robes and the student leadership it represented, but it was still often easier for Myffi to find her own food. Yesterday at work there had been some locally grown citrus fruits looking past their best or, as the store called them, past a saleable condition. Myffi was allowed to take whatever produce she liked that the shop did not believe they could sell, so she had blended the juice from an orange, a lemon, and two limes with a couple of carrots, and then poured her snazzy, full-to-the-brim-of-vitamins-and-natural goodness breakfast drink into a ceramic cup with a lid. Armed with an accompanying piece of bread spread with organic almond butter, Myffi threw on a lightweight, purple crocheted cardigan over her daffodil yellow cami, worn with faded denim cut-offs and hessian sandals and headed to the Diner.

Finding a seat was always easy, as Myffi got along with most other students, and she didn’t even need to pay attention to whatever food was on the table when she had brought her own. Heading towards some friendly faces, the seventh year paused as she passed her yeamate’s bubblegum pink bob, distracted by Kaye holding… oh gosh. Well really! And at the same time, how very unsurprising. Myffi exhaled once threw her nose, a brief whoosh of amusement to accompany a half-smirk, and was about to move away again when Kaye turned. “I’m sure if you beg, he’ll come back and do it again,” the Aquila said with raised eyebrows.

Myffi’s smirk twitched. “Oh come on, it’s not like I haven’t seen that before,” she said, rolling her eyes and dropping down in to the seat next to Kaye anyway. Ruben was the least body shy person she had ever met, and she lived on a commune. “And I doubt one would have to beg too hard,” she added, pulling her breakfast from a brown paper bag and laying it in front of her on the table. Even in the couple of years she had know him, Myfanwy had seen rather more of Ruben than she would have expected. She was okay with that, and presumably Kaye was aware that her boyfriend liked to show more skin that the average person, so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding over her previous comments. With Ruben gone, Myffi needed Kaye to keep the secret of their hidden booze. She needed the other girl to not hate her and want to exact revenge like she did to Heather.

  • Absolutely willing to pick up this package - Kaye Packman, Sun Jul 22 19:47
    There had only been two people to ever write Kaye at school. Anyone could guess that the two were her dads. They wrote frequently, often accompanying their letters with little packages of trinkets... more
    • Sharing is caring - Myfanwy Owen, Mon Jul 23 10:52
      • Not interested in sharing with you - Kaye, Thu Aug 2 23:48
        Kaye’s eyes narrowed slightly. The motion was so small that it may have been imperceptible to someone who didn’t know the Aquila well. It was true that Ruben had wandered around the school in... more
        • Suit yourself - Myfanwy, Mon Aug 6 09:02
          “So what have you been doing to keep yourself entertained around here?” Kaye asked. Myfanwy tried not to look too surprised as she started eating her breakfast; she had never been friends with Kaye,... more
          • I usually do - Kaye, Wed Aug 8 20:22
            Well, it sounded like Myffi had plenty to keep her busy here after all. In a moment of absolute boredom, Kaye briefly considered getting a job on Pearl Street. She did not feel suited for typical... more
            • I call that selfish - Myffi, Tue Aug 14 06:26
              Myffi breathed a sigh of relief as Kaye confirmed that she wasn’t going to tattle about the distillery. It probably had more to do with Ruben than any sort of alignment with Myffi (or maybe her... more
              • Eh, words - Kaye, Sun Aug 19 10:58
                “Wait, shut the eff up,” Kaye blinked her heavily lined blue eyes in complete surprise. “There were brownies? And you shared them with Nolan and the peg leg didn’t even save me a bite? The traitor!”... more
                • More words - Myffi, Mon Aug 20 10:28
                  Again, Kaye swore near her, but this time Myfanwy noticed that Kaye wasn’t swearing at her, exactly. Just in her presence. That was somehow less offensive than having her yearmate swear at her... more
                  • Extra words - Kaye, Wed Aug 22 17:14
                    Kaye really liked the idea of falling into this bizarre friend group. Leo, Myffi, and Nolan weren’t exactly something that made sense, but it didn’t feel wrong. They all meshed together in their own... more
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