Vivica Dixon
I do, I do! But... brb
Tue Jul 24, 2018 11:00

The mall sounded exciting. It was fairly obvious why it was third years or above that got to go there. Vivica assumed it was a mixed world mall… with the muggles and the magical folk. But the assumption drew further assumptions. 'So muggles don’t know about this world… Surely there must be some wizards (and witches) that have never seen the muggle world'.

So the wizarding school was quite a lot like muggle school. Lots of studying, exams and pressure. Vivica wasn’t too bad at dealing with pressure, she’d dealt with it all her life. Magical exams however, were very much not in her comfort zone. Not yet anyway. “I can’t even begin to imagine taking exams on magic.” Vivica’s voice had a hint of nervousness about it but she still felt pleasant enough and continued with a smile.

Vivica continued to paw at her curried dish. She’d managed a few mouthfuls but was feeling a little self conscious about the minor episode not a few moments ago. Vivica made an excuse to Drew that she needed the restroom and quickly darted for the door. That few moments of silence quiet was all she really needed to compose herself fully. On her return from the restroom, Drew was talking to another student so Vivica found a place near another Ceti first year called Priyanka and made first year small talk.

  • Then you have to believe me - Drew, Wed Jul 11 23:38
    Drew grinned. “They do pretty much anything.” He wasn’t sure if orange soda would specifically be on the menu today—they usually tried to go a little fancier than usual during the opening feast—but... more
    • I do, I do! But... brb - Vivica Dixon, Tue Jul 24 11:00
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