He escaped!
Wed Jul 25, 2018 16:51

Apparently Satveer wasn’t good at ‘three-dimensional creativity’ which was totally Kit’s jam, but he wanted her to teach him! That was just the best, Kit loved it when people were interested in the things she did. Madeleine liked it when she made her costumes for dress-up games, but Drew wasn’t nearly as interested in Kit’s sewing as he could be. He wasn’t not interested but he wasn’t interested. The last time she’d seen Drew’s bio-mom, Kit had asked her if she could make jammies for the dragons and Jessie had initially said yes but then Kit’s grandpas had some sort of magical instantaneous grown-up communication with her and she quickly reminded Kit that there was to be no dragons until she was old enough to Apparate. Maybe that was different now though, since she was dressing like Marissa and had changed her name back to Katherine. Maybe.

“Abso-tutely-lutely!” Katherine said excitedly to Satveer’s request, as her friend picked up a cheeseburger off the house-elf’s plate. She couldn’t remember if she could have cheeseburgers or not because she was a vegetarian. It was so hard to remember what being a vegetarian meant, but maybe she couldn’t have the cheese? That was probably what it was, because cheese came from milk which came from cows, which dragons ate. Well. The dragons didn’t have a particular role in the cheese equation since cows that were eaten by dragons couldn’t make cheese because they were busy being eaten. Was there dragon cheese? Katherine determined that the next time she saw Jessie, she would ask for dragon cheese.

There was a little bit of quiet while both students ate their food. Katherine was particularly impressed at how neatly Satveer was eating because she totally couldn’t eat a burger like that without getting tomato ketchup and mustard and mayonaise and relish and whatever else she’d put on her burger all over her face. She was also really good at dropping food on her shirt, or on her pants sometimes too. Coordination was not a strong suit and sometimes the connection of getting her food from her hand to her mouth just flew out the window. Eating was hard, man.

Oh goodness gosh gee whiz wow wowzers! Katherine’s green eyes widened as she fastened them on Satveer who had totally just asked her on a date. A real date! On Pearl Street! That was more real than any of Drew’s dates for sure because Drew couldn’t go up to Pearl Street yet with evil Darlene and her stupid face and her stupid socks. Darlene probably didn’t even have any clothes to wear up to Pearl Street since you had to wear Muggle clothes. She was definitely growing up now. A boy had asked her on a for-real date! And she was going to go on that for-real date before Drew took evil Darlene on one, just so she could tell him that she was more of a grown-up than he was. Hah! Plus now she was definitely on the path to being just like Marissa because Marissa totally had boyfriends all the time.

“Super yes!” Kit exclaimed. “That sounds like the most fun ever, we can be first date buddies!” she paused. “Unless you’ve already been on a date before, which is okay just then we can’t be first date buddies because it would be your second first date. Or third. Or whatever.” How many dates had Satveer been on? He was so cool, Katherine would bet that he’d been on loads of them. But probably never all the way up to Pearl Street, like a grown up. “I’m so excited, what do you want to do?”

  • I've always kept a close eye on.... where'd he go? - Satveer Mittal, Tue Jul 24 07:48
    Other than what Katherine had told him, Satveer had no clue as to what traits 565 had to offer. He was however immensely comforted by the fact that Katherine had deemed him worthy of a likeness.... more
    • He escaped! - Katherine, Wed Jul 25 16:51
      • Have you still got your left shoe? - Satveer, Fri Jul 27 09:20
        Satveer heard the words “Super yes!” and he felt his dread dissipate and his relief light up like a firework. He was overflowing of excitement. A super(yes) happy smile happened across his face and... more
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