Nolan Ramsey
You can keep it if you want
Thu Jul 26, 2018 07:00

Nolan’s missing leg was on fire when he woke up. Phantom limb pain hardly ever happened when he had the prosthetic on, but it could creep up on him after he took it off at night or when he got up in the morning. The worst part of being an amputee, besides people asking you stupid questions about when your leg was gonna grow back, was when your stupid brain couldn’t remember that if you didn’t have a leg, it had no business thinking the leg hurt, and it especially had no business making your missing knee hurt that bad. Sitting on the edge of his bed, Nolan tried the strategies that usually worked for him—clenching his imaginary foot and massaging the end of his stump—but neither did much for him this morning. Great. It was one of those days.

Eventually he made it out of bed, showered, put his leg on (the magical augmentations unfortunately didn’t do a dang thing for phantom limb), got dressed (jeans, gray shirt, unbuttoned plaid overshirt), and made it to the Diner. Nolan was usually an early-to-bed, early-to-riser, used to being up with the sun, but taking extra time getting ready made him later for breakfast than usual.

He spotted Connor at a table and joined him. Connor didn’t say good morning or anything as Nolan sat down, which was all right because Nolan wasn’t feeling much like talking either. He nodded Connor a greeting and served himself salsa-covered scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast with butter and blackberry jam. He’d been hoping for waffles, but it didn’t look like there were any at this table, and walking here from Aquila had been enough of an adventure in brain-won’t-be-tricked-into-thinking-the-prosthetic-is-real-today, so Nolan wasn’t about to get up and search.

The sixth year’s mouth was full of toast when an owl delivered a letter smack-dab into Connor’s teacup. It was far enough away from Nolan on the table that he didn't get tea spilled on him, but he still automatically moved his glass of milk to the other side of his plate like that might protect it from a future owl mishap. He politely looked away while Connor opened his letter—it was weird to watch someone read their mail—so he didn’t notice that the envelope was addressed to him until Connor pointed it out.

“Oh. No problem,” Nolan said. Wasn’t like he got confidential mail. Reaching across the table to take the parchment, Nolan could see from the handwriting that it was from Grandmother Ramsey. Now suspicious of the letter’s contents, Nolan started to read, olive green eyes moving along the lines of text. It was about what he was expecting. Dear Nolan, and then a standard greeting (“hope that your classes are going well”), and by the way (casually, like it wasn’t the point of the letter), was he considering Euphemia Hewitt? At that point the letter just devolved into a play by play of a conversation Grandmother Ramsey had had with the Hewitts, which was pretty standard for her missives.

“Ah, just betrothal stuff,” Nolan said. He put the letter down to deal with later. He liked Eppie. He didn’t want to put anything in writing about that just now. Nolan picked up his fork and went after the eggs. “Your family startin’ to get on your case about that yet?” he asked Connor. Maybe not—Connor was a year younger than him—but then again, Nolan had heard of parents setting up betrothals before their kids turned ten. His family didn’t go in for that kind of thing. You didn’t wanna tie yourself to someone before you had a sense of their character, no matter how good a family they were from.

  • Is this yours? - Connor Farnon, Mon Jul 23 14:53
    It was early in the morning for Connor, who had taken to waking up later now that he wasn’t taking as many classes and didn’t always need to be up first thing. Of course, now that he’d added Defense... more
    • You can keep it if you want - Nolan Ramsey, Thu Jul 26 07:00
      • That would be weird - Connor, Thu Jul 26 07:51
        Of the people that could have been seated at the table with Connor, Nolan was a good option. The other pureblood was, in fact, his second preference for people to talk to - Claudia being the first,... more
        • If you don’t want it, I’ll take it - Nolan, Thu Jul 26 12:13
          Nolan nodded agreement and understanding. It was early, especially when wizards easily lived to be a hundred or older. Sixteen was actually young for his family to seriously think about marriages... more
          • It is yours, after all - Connor, Thu Jul 26 15:44
            American geography was not Connor’s strong suit, so while he pretended to know exactly where Missouri was when Nolan mentioned it, he actually had little to no idea. He didn’t really understand where ... more
            • Sharing is caring - Nolan, Thu Jul 26 19:23
              “ There aren’t very many suitable options here, ” Connor asserted. Seemed a mighty strange thing to say. Besides Alena there was Claudia, and Darlene Knight (okay, so Nolan did know one prominent... more
              • Not always true - Connor, Fri Jul 27 06:18
                Ugh it seemed like Nolan was fixated on Claudia, and that made Connor very uncomfortable. Obviously his friendship with Claudia was no longer exclusive - and it was Connor’s own fault - but he still... more
                • Sounds like a selfish answer - Nolan, Fri Jul 27 21:55
                  Connor had a point: their group of mutual friends (Nolan considered this to include himself, Connor, Claudia, and Caleb) was small, and the guy to girl ratio was three to one. Unlike Nolan—who was... more
                  • I don't want your germs! - Connor, Sat Jul 28 11:24
                    It seemed like Nolan wasn’t too preoccupied by Kateri’s gossiping, which was fair because Connor wasn’t either. Given how quickly the news of his fight with Andrew had spread, he just had a healthy... more
                    • Excuse you, I’m clean - Nolan, Tue Jul 31 18:03
                      Nolan wasn’t quite sure what Connor was referencing. From where he was standing, this term couldn’t be worse for Claudia than her fourth year had been. She wasn’t in double detention anymore, for... more
                      • Have some hand sanitizer just in case - Connor, Wed Aug 1 13:54
                        There was a pleasant silence, during which both Nolan and Connor focused on their breakfast. One reason that Connor liked Nolan was that he was not the sort of person with whom silence was awkward.... more
                        • Hard pass - Nolan, Sun Aug 5 23:36
                          Nolan snorted at the unnecessary explanation. Yeah, Nolan wouldn’t be surprised if everyone from Professor Boot to the first-years knew that Connor and Claudia were “quite close.” But then Connor... more
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