If you don’t want it, I’ll take it
Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:13

Nolan nodded agreement and understanding. It was early, especially when wizards easily lived to be a hundred or older. Sixteen was actually young for his family to seriously think about marriages too; Nolan knew of other pureblood families who married you off right out of school, but most of his relatives had gotten hitched around twenty-five. One of his second cousins was twenty-two and she wasn’t engaged yet, but she had some kind of VP job at Cavanaugh Tech and her father had named her his heir, so Nolan guessed she had other things keeping her busy.

He didn’t know either of the other Farnons very well, but from what Connor had said of his siblings, neither sounded like they’d be interested in helping the Farnon family. Between the three of them, Connor was the only one who acted like a real pureblood. Nolan hadn’t had much to do with Rose, but from what he knew of her, he wouldn’t want to be in the same country as her if she found out she was to be betrothed. And Dade was just a total lunatic as far as Nolan could tell so it was probably safer and better for everyone else that he not be involved in society.

Nolan had a forkful of eggs, chewed, swallowed, shrugged. “My grandmother was asking me about a girl in our circle, Euphemia Hewitt—the family’s prominent in Missouri,” he added for Connor’s benefit, although he wasn’t sure if his friend knew enough of American geography for that to be useful information. Nolan didn’t know which families were important in England (or the different… states?… that made up that country) so he didn’t expect Connor to know about America, but any context was probably helpful. “I mean, I like her enough. If I ended up marrying her that’d be fine by me,” he continued in an ambivalent tone. Eppie liked horses and she didn’t care much for dancing, and she was pretty. Nolan could do a hell of a lot worse than Euphemia Hewitt.

Then again, he’d never had a reason to talk to Eppie outside of the times they saw each other at society events, so he didn’t know how they got along without other people around. It wasn’t like they were pen pals or anything. Nolan had really liked writing to Alena this summer, and he liked hanging out with her now that they were back at school. She was only fourteen and hadn’t mentioned engagement prospects, although Nolan was pretty sure the Adlers were one of the families that did young betrothals, from what she’d mentioned of her brother and sister. Maybe he might suggest…

“I dunno. It is early. My grandparents are probably just thinking about how much of a nightmare the Virgil-Felix situation wound up being,” he guessed. It seemed a fair assumption. What were you supposed to do when your spare killed your heir and got caught? Lucky they had a backup spare, although Sylvanus would probably say there wasn’t much luck involved in that for anyone. “They just wanna control everything they can right now. But I’m pretty sure the point of me coming to RMI was so I could make connections outside our existing circle,” Nolan added. “I guess if I suggested a suitable girl from here they probably wouldn’t be opposed.”

  • That would be weird - Connor, Thu Jul 26 07:51
    Of the people that could have been seated at the table with Connor, Nolan was a good option. The other pureblood was, in fact, his second preference for people to talk to - Claudia being the first,... more
    • If you don’t want it, I’ll take it - Nolan, Thu Jul 26 12:13
      • It is yours, after all - Connor, Thu Jul 26 15:44
        American geography was not Connor’s strong suit, so while he pretended to know exactly where Missouri was when Nolan mentioned it, he actually had little to no idea. He didn’t really understand where ... more
        • Sharing is caring - Nolan, Thu Jul 26 19:23
          “ There aren’t very many suitable options here, ” Connor asserted. Seemed a mighty strange thing to say. Besides Alena there was Claudia, and Darlene Knight (okay, so Nolan did know one prominent... more
          • Not always true - Connor, Fri Jul 27 06:18
            Ugh it seemed like Nolan was fixated on Claudia, and that made Connor very uncomfortable. Obviously his friendship with Claudia was no longer exclusive - and it was Connor’s own fault - but he still... more
            • Sounds like a selfish answer - Nolan, Fri Jul 27 21:55
              Connor had a point: their group of mutual friends (Nolan considered this to include himself, Connor, Claudia, and Caleb) was small, and the guy to girl ratio was three to one. Unlike Nolan—who was... more
              • I don't want your germs! - Connor, Sat Jul 28 11:24
                It seemed like Nolan wasn’t too preoccupied by Kateri’s gossiping, which was fair because Connor wasn’t either. Given how quickly the news of his fight with Andrew had spread, he just had a healthy... more
                • Excuse you, I’m clean - Nolan, Tue Jul 31 18:03
                  Nolan wasn’t quite sure what Connor was referencing. From where he was standing, this term couldn’t be worse for Claudia than her fourth year had been. She wasn’t in double detention anymore, for... more
                  • Have some hand sanitizer just in case - Connor, Wed Aug 1 13:54
                    There was a pleasant silence, during which both Nolan and Connor focused on their breakfast. One reason that Connor liked Nolan was that he was not the sort of person with whom silence was awkward.... more
                    • Hard pass - Nolan, Sun Aug 5 23:36
                      Nolan snorted at the unnecessary explanation. Yeah, Nolan wouldn’t be surprised if everyone from Professor Boot to the first-years knew that Connor and Claudia were “quite close.” But then Connor... more
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