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Thu Jul 26, 2018 19:23

There aren’t very many suitable options here,” Connor asserted. Seemed a mighty strange thing to say. Besides Alena there was Claudia, and Darlene Knight (okay, so Nolan did know one prominent English family—the general consensus he’d heard from his circle was not to mess with the Knights. He didn’t have much to do with Darlene, but that was more from the age difference than anything else), and he understood the Lemonts were important in Western Canada, and only had daughters besides. They were all suitable for a given definition. Granted Rosemarie Lemont was a second year, but four years was only a big deal when you were their age. Give it a decade and that wouldn’t matter.

Okay, four girls close to their age and two who were pretty young wasn’t a lot of options, so maybe Connor had a point. But it didn’t change the fact that there were suitable options. Maybe not feasible—Nolan wasn’t even sure Alena would be interested, or that the German Adlers would have any interest in making connections with the central United States—but options nonetheless.

It made sense that Connor’s options were closer to where he was from, if they were the daughters of men his father worked with. As a third son who had expected to spend his life out of the family succession, Sylvanus Ramsey’s job of ranching winged horses didn’t offer strategic social connections from work as such. Nolan’s grandparents were trying to talk his father into taking on a more prestigious role, but that was sort of like trying to make Quint do something he had his heart set on not doing. Best case scenario you just weren’t gonna get anywhere, worst case he’d gallop off at the first sign of trouble and refuse to come down until you’d given him a week’s worth of treats (the analogy may have gotten away from Nolan a bit there). The Ramseys would have to make do with their heir running the ranch instead of crossing over into politics.

Of course that probably meant they had some kind of overly detailed plan for Nolan’s future career, but he didn’t mind that too much. So long as he had time for horseback riding and poetry, a day job wasn’t too important. It wasn’t like he’d need to work for pay.

“Might be more options back home. I dunno about superior,” Nolan disagreed. Eppie was pretty great, and there were the Gould twins (of the Dallas Goulds—he only saw them every few years and he could never remember which one was Jolene and which one was Johanna even though they weren’t identical. Personality and looks hadn’t been divided evenly between the two of ‘em), and a few other girls around their age who Nolan wouldn’t object to marrying. It was just that he wouldn’t object to not marrying them either. “I’ll give you that RMI ain’t winning prizes for quantity, but I think it’s in the running for quality.” Definitely where Alena was concerned. “None of the girls here as interesting to you as your candidates back home?”

  • It is yours, after all - Connor, Thu Jul 26 15:44
    American geography was not Connor’s strong suit, so while he pretended to know exactly where Missouri was when Nolan mentioned it, he actually had little to no idea. He didn’t really understand where ... more
    • Sharing is caring - Nolan, Thu Jul 26 19:23
      • Not always true - Connor, Fri Jul 27 06:18
        Ugh it seemed like Nolan was fixated on Claudia, and that made Connor very uncomfortable. Obviously his friendship with Claudia was no longer exclusive - and it was Connor’s own fault - but he still... more
        • Sounds like a selfish answer - Nolan, Fri Jul 27 21:55
          Connor had a point: their group of mutual friends (Nolan considered this to include himself, Connor, Claudia, and Caleb) was small, and the guy to girl ratio was three to one. Unlike Nolan—who was... more
          • I don't want your germs! - Connor, Sat Jul 28 11:24
            It seemed like Nolan wasn’t too preoccupied by Kateri’s gossiping, which was fair because Connor wasn’t either. Given how quickly the news of his fight with Andrew had spread, he just had a healthy... more
            • Excuse you, I’m clean - Nolan, Tue Jul 31 18:03
              Nolan wasn’t quite sure what Connor was referencing. From where he was standing, this term couldn’t be worse for Claudia than her fourth year had been. She wasn’t in double detention anymore, for... more
              • Have some hand sanitizer just in case - Connor, Wed Aug 1 13:54
                There was a pleasant silence, during which both Nolan and Connor focused on their breakfast. One reason that Connor liked Nolan was that he was not the sort of person with whom silence was awkward.... more
                • Hard pass - Nolan, Sun Aug 5 23:36
                  Nolan snorted at the unnecessary explanation. Yeah, Nolan wouldn’t be surprised if everyone from Professor Boot to the first-years knew that Connor and Claudia were “quite close.” But then Connor... more
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