Have some hand sanitizer just in case
Wed Aug 1, 2018 13:54

There was a pleasant silence, during which both Nolan and Connor focused on their breakfast. One reason that Connor liked Nolan was that he was not the sort of person with whom silence was awkward. He was also the sort of person more than willing to spend time with a friend without asking too many uncomfortable questions. After Connor’s incident with the potato and Marley at the Agricultural Club bonfire, Nolan had been very amenable to spending some time together. It hadn’t taken him long before offering Connor a brownie with marijuana in it. He wasn’t quite sure what marijuana was, but not wanting Nolan to think he was childish or too scared to try new things, Connor had enthusiastically taken the brownie, despite his general distaste for chocolate. It wasn’t a bad brownie, and the two boys had chatted for a little while before Connor suddenly felt like he was floating out of his body. The whole experience had been rather pleasant, with Connor feeling much more free to talk with Nolan than he usually did. He had even been compelled to overcome his distaste for vegetables, although Connor did let Nolan lead the way when it came to selecting and preparing the food.

As fortune would have it, one of the topics that had not come up while Connor was less composed than usual was Claudia. Connor didn’t quite remember what had come up, but as Nolan was suddenly asking him in a roundabout way about any feelings Connor might have about Claudia, it was a fair guess to say that particular topic had not been on the table. Regardless, Connor’s cheeks colored and he was all of a sudden very intrigued by his eggs.

“I mean. Well.” What was Connor supposed to say? Claudia was pretty much the ideal pureblood lady. She had the appropriate sensibilities, behaved herself well, and understood the rules of society. At the same time, Claudia was intelligent and well-spoken; the sort of person you could have an equitable relationship with. Not, of course, that Connor had any sort of relationship other than friendship with her at the moment. Or ever again, probably, given the - complications. “Claudia and I are quite close,” was what he settled on, although Nolan had probably realized that by now. “In the past, we engaged in a more exclusive friendship but obviously that sort of informal arrangement is highly inappropriate now that we’re both older. I couldn’t possibly imagine engaging in that sort of thing without an explicit familial arrangement now.”

That wasn’t strictly true. Connor could (and often did) imagine that he could have a more exclusive friendship with Claudia once more. He had daydreamed in class more than once about kissing her, even though that was something that absolutely never had and absolutely never would happen. Girls like Claudia didn’t kiss boys like that. Girls like Marley did. Or well, perhaps not strictly Marley, although having a proper relationship with a boy might fix her ideas about dating that were clearly so skewed.

  • Excuse you, I’m clean - Nolan, Tue Jul 31 18:03
    Nolan wasn’t quite sure what Connor was referencing. From where he was standing, this term couldn’t be worse for Claudia than her fourth year had been. She wasn’t in double detention anymore, for... more
    • Have some hand sanitizer just in case - Connor, Wed Aug 1 13:54
      • Hard pass - Nolan, Sun Aug 5 23:36
        Nolan snorted at the unnecessary explanation. Yeah, Nolan wouldn’t be surprised if everyone from Professor Boot to the first-years knew that Connor and Claudia were “quite close.” But then Connor... more
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