I usually do
Wed Aug 8, 2018 20:22

Well, it sounded like Myffi had plenty to keep her busy here after all. In a moment of absolute boredom, Kaye briefly considered getting a job on Pearl Street. She did not feel suited for typical types of employment, though. No one wanted to see her behind a cash register, and she would never submit herself to wearing - she almost shuddered just thinking of the word - a uniform. Especially if the atrocity came with a stupid, kitschy hat. She’d never wear a food item or animal shaped thing on her very expensive wigs. Plus, all the Pearl Street jobs meant she’d have to work for someone. Kaye never did well answering to others. She’d probably get fired within the week, and her employment would be even shorter if she were in food service.

Granted, Kaye the Waitress would have the opportunity to pocket plenty of customer items if given the chance. She’d put a pin in that for now.

To no one’s surprise, Myffi’s life continue to revolve around being a big green thumb. The Aquila had never tried growing a thing in her life. She imagined she’d probably kill it simply out of neglect. The fake baby she had with Danny barely kept her interest, and that was a (pretend) living thing. A plant? How boring caring for that would be.

But, as Myffi pointed out, plants could be alcohol, and alcohol was not boring.

“I’m not gonna turn you in,” she replied, as if the idea she’d do so was a level of stupid on par with the NRA or frozen yogurt. Even if she had a reason to want to ruin something for the other girl, she wouldn’t choose the alcohol. Ruben helped create that thing and hypothetically getting revenge wasn’t worth hypothetically pissing off one of the few people she cared about pissing off. “So does that mean only the two of us know?” She grinned, raising her perfectly sculpted eyebrows in a tease. “Or is there a secret RMI society of illicit substances I’m about to join? Agriculture Club is a fantastic front.”

  • Suit yourself - Myfanwy, Mon Aug 6 09:02
    “So what have you been doing to keep yourself entertained around here?” Kaye asked. Myfanwy tried not to look too surprised as she started eating her breakfast; she had never been friends with Kaye,... more
    • I usually do - Kaye, Wed Aug 8 20:22
      • I call that selfish - Myffi, Tue Aug 14 06:26
        Myffi breathed a sigh of relief as Kaye confirmed that she wasn’t going to tattle about the distillery. It probably had more to do with Ruben than any sort of alignment with Myffi (or maybe her... more
        • Eh, words - Kaye, Sun Aug 19 10:58
          “Wait, shut the eff up,” Kaye blinked her heavily lined blue eyes in complete surprise. “There were brownies? And you shared them with Nolan and the peg leg didn’t even save me a bite? The traitor!”... more
          • More words - Myffi, Mon Aug 20 10:28
            Again, Kaye swore near her, but this time Myfanwy noticed that Kaye wasn’t swearing at her, exactly. Just in her presence. That was somehow less offensive than having her yearmate swear at her... more
            • Extra words - Kaye, Wed Aug 22 17:14
              Kaye really liked the idea of falling into this bizarre friend group. Leo, Myffi, and Nolan weren’t exactly something that made sense, but it didn’t feel wrong. They all meshed together in their own... more
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