Breakfast Pumpkin Juice
A Change of Face
Thu Aug 16, 2018 16:31

Some people shouldn’t make assumptions.

One of those people was Headmaster Tobias Morgan, who thought that Shifty Eyes was the only denizen of RMI with mischief on the mind. Or well - it had been mischief. All in good fun. A bit of a change in pace, here or there. But then the Welshman stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and there were going to be some problems.

Some people should keep a better eye on their potions.

It hadn’t taken very much to put the plan into place. A pinch here, a poke there, a yank or two - and if the pumpkin juice tasted a little bit off that bright, fateful, Sunday morning...well, who was to say?

Most students weren’t that familiar with the taste of Polyjuice Potion, after all.

Well you can’t expect Shifty Eyes to do EVERYTHING around here, now can you?

The sitch: someone has poured polyjuice potion into the goblets of pumpkin juice in front of each plate in the Finer Diner. One hair of a random staff member has been placed in each goblet. People who drink the pumpkin juice will turn into that staff member until the polyjuice potion wears off in sixish hours.

If you want to post outside of this thread, just make sure that you put your character AND the staff member your character looks like in the author box, and also make sure that BEFORE your subject, you put [Plot] so that everyone knows what’s going on.

Have fun, make Mayhem ~

    • For some reason, when he followed Jarrett into the Diner that morning, the first thing his eyes landed on was his Aunty Estelle sitting at a table. That was pretty wack. It was only a month or... more
      • Time for some changes - Teal Rosse as Estelle Blair, Fri Aug 24 02:23
        It was a Sunday morning, and Teal Rosse was fed up with her own moping. After the Great Breakup (of course, it was the only breakup she’d ever had), she’d spent a lot of time sulking. But she’d also... more
        • I don't like these changes - Joey, Sun Aug 26 11:58
          Aight, so the longer he was sitting down, the righter off Aunty Estelle was acting. He'd thought something was a bit wack when he first spotted her cos she was having breaky with the students and... more
    • A piece of my mind [tag: any Toby] - Madeleine Tennant, Fri Aug 17 19:07
      Madeleine Paige Tennant had never been so unhappy in her whole life as she was right now. It wasn’t just that she couldn’t see Mr. Shifty, or that best-babysitter-ever Marissa wasn’t at RMI anymore,... more
      • A piece of my face - Hunter Ioma as Toby, Sat Aug 18 12:10
        Well, that had certainly been the most interesting glass of pumpkin juice Hunter had ever had. Suddenly growing a lot taller had been remarkably unpleasant and there was probably some lesson to be... more
        • You’re a piece of work - Madeleine, Tue Aug 21 11:58
          He was laughing at her. She was rightfully upset because he’d hurt her friend and he was laughing at her. Tobias Morgan was the worst person that she had ever met, and Madeleine Tennant did not care... more
          • I'd rather be a piece of cake - Hunter as Toby, Sat Sep 15 14:36
            Hunter blinked, and kept blinking as Madeleine went on about how he was apparently the one who had locked Shifty away. He was pretty sure he wasn’t lying. But she was pretty adamant, so there was... more
            • You’re not good enough to be cake - Madeleine, Sat Sep 15 16:27
              Toby took her hands and if it weren’t for the fact that she wasn’t a liar like him she would have screamed “Stranger danger!” but she wasn’t a liar, so Madeleine just stood there feeling tiny. It... more
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