Madeleine Tennant
A piece of my mind [tag: any Toby]
Fri Aug 17, 2018 19:07

Madeleine Paige Tennant had never been so unhappy in her whole life as she was right now. It wasn’t just that she couldn’t see Mr. Shifty, or that best-babysitter-ever Marissa wasn’t at RMI anymore, or that Drew and Kit were super busy being third years, or that they were multiplying fractions in her fourth grade class and that was hard, it was that all of those things were happening at once and it was Too Much. And it was Toby’s fault (or at least, Tobias Morgan was the only target upon which Madeleine could direct all her deep-seated nine-year-old rage).

Who did he think he was, coming into RMI and saying who was allowed to live there and do things? He didn’t even know Mr. Shifty very well because he had only been here for like a year. Madeleine had been here for nine times longer than Toby and she didn’t even get a vote to stop him from being the most awful person in the world and locking Mr. Shifty up. Toby was a tyrant and a stupid bully and Madeleine was going to get Mr. Shifty back just as soon as she figured out how, even if she had to do it all by herself like the little red hen.

And it was even worse because Aaron-Dad was involved too. After she had gotten home from her unsuccessful search with Hunter, Madeleine had told her dads that she couldn’t find Mr. Shifty in the passageways and that she was worried about him. Dad said there was magic to make sure that Mr. Shifty had privacy, which meant that she couldn’t find him. Madeleine thought that was stupid if Mr. Shifty hadn’t asked for privacy, which she was pretty sure she hadn’t, so she had very reasonably pointed out that Aaron-Dad could take the magic off because he was the best at Spellwork. Well! One thing led to another and it turned out that Aaron-Dad was the one who had put the magic there in the first place, AND he wouldn’t take it off because Tyrant Toby had told him to.

Then she’d yelled at him and gone in her room and slammed the door so hard that some of the things fell off her bookshelf and threw herself down on her bed and cried. Dad came in and tried to talk to her but Madeleine told him to go away and then when he eventually did she’d pushed her desk in front of the door so no one could come in again. Aaron-Dad was a jerk and Madeleine wasn’t talking to him until Mr. Shifty was back where he belonged, except for when she had to. Dad still made her talk to Aaron and she pretended to be nice even though inside she was still all full of angry. Or mostly full of angry. It was hard to stay one hundred percent angry for very long. Madeleine was definitely glass-half-full-of-angry at Toby and Aaron-Dad, though.

She was pretty sure her parents had been stopping her from seeing Toby so that she could give him a piece of her mind, but then one Sunday, Madeleine looked up from her strawberry french toast and spotted the Headmaster a few tables away from them. This was her chance. Escaping her grownup while he was distracted talking to someone else, Madeleine leapt up from her seat and ran over to Headmaster Tyrant Tobias Morgan.

She tapped him on the shoulder, and then crossed her arms angrily to show she meant business. “You’re stupid and a bully and I hate you,” she said. Madeleine had never told anyone that she hated them before, but she hated Toby so much that it made her feel like she was going to cry until she was sick. Madeleine set her jaw in determination and looked up at him with furious gray-green eyes. “Bring Mr. Shifty back right now, or else.” She didn’t have an ‘or else,’ really, but it was the kind of thing that heroes said to villains.

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    • A piece of my mind [tag: any Toby] - Madeleine Tennant, Fri Aug 17 19:07
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