Joseph Blair
Time for quality aunty-nephew bonding! [tag an Estelle]
Fri Aug 17, 2018 20:00

For some reason, when he followed Jarrett into the Diner that morning, the first thing his eyes landed on was his Aunty Estelle sitting at a table. That was pretty wack. It was only a month or someodd past, but still he’d never seen her take breaky alongside the students, or any meals after their opening night for that matter. He’d bugged her on it in the summertime (‘bugged’ here meaning that he didn’t want her to be the one bugging him all the day long at school, so had tried to find out what to be expecting) and she claimed that it was just nicer to eat with Uncle Liam and his cousins instead of a mob of hormonal teens mucking around her. Now that he was at RMI himself, he questioned that a bit. It couldn’t be right nose-on that it was nicer being around the little kids, ‘specially when they were doing their shouty tantrum thing. Maybe the different was that they were her kids doing the mucking instead of everyone else’s.

His roomie wanted to go sit with some of the older students, which was just fine with him cos Joey wanted to go sit with his aunty. Getting pointed out in class by her was a pain, though a tad less of a pain since he knew at least one other person here – his cousin Raja – was probably also on the receiving end of her verbal pointer more than not. But outside of class, Aunty Estelle was most always either in her office doing work stuff or not at school at all. Joey couldn’t say he missed hanging out with her since hanging was a thing you did with your mates, not your adult family, but he could say he missed Family Time more in general. Getting her brown-eyed stare from the lecture podium didn’t stack up the same as over his mum’s papers or a game of Monopoly on the coffee table.

Plonking down in a seat opposite the dark-haired woman, he greeted her with a grin that quickly turned into a nose-wrinkling expression when his gaze wandered down a bit to the goblet in front of him. It was already filled, and a chair-tip ahead for a sniff revealed it to smell like pumpkin. Normally the goblets were empty when he came in and he could pick whatever he wanted, even coffee, though the smell was enough to make Joey certain that he didn’t need it near him. Anyways, if it was his call, he for real wouldn’t’ve gone for pumpkin juice. They grew pumpkins in Aussie Wales, but far as he knew, no one went ‘round making drinks out of it. So far he’d only tried it once at RMI when one of the girls in his year talked him into it, and it was better than when Mum went on a carrot juice rampage, but not by much.

Giving a loud harrumph-y sigh, it quick occurred to Joey that his aunt might’ve served out the glass specifically for him. (This required the pre-assumption that she’d been expecting him to join her at this table but like, who else would she have expected, so it made sense.) To stall any questions, he promptly explained himself. “Sorry aunty, I’m not keen on pumpkin. But ta. I’ll drink up.” Soon, he mentally added. It wasn’t immediately needed. Nope, for the immediate future, Joey began stacking his plate with bangers and a coupla thick slices of fancy cinnamon-sprinkled French toast. That reminded him of his uncle, who was a hundred times better at cooking than Aunty Estelle and maybe twenty times better than Mum. Joey hadn’t seen him in a while. “How’s Uncle Liam? Ya goin’ back s’arvo? Pass,” he added, gesturing to the syrup beside her tattooed arm.

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