Hunter Ioma as Toby
A piece of my face
Sat Aug 18, 2018 12:10

Well, that had certainly been the most interesting glass of pumpkin juice Hunter had ever had. Suddenly growing a lot taller had been remarkably unpleasant and there was probably some lesson to be learnt here about not drinking anything you didn’t pour yourself, but Hunter was tall now so he wasn’t particularly bothered.

It’s not that his height had ever really bothered Hunter or anything, and especially not since he was repeating his third year. He was a pretty normal height for a third year, and the fact that he was a year older than most of them was irrelevant. But he had wondered more than few times what it would be like to be tall, and now he was! It briefly occurred to him to wonder why there was growth potion in the pumpkin juice, but it seemed like a harmless enough prank so he wasn’t worried.

Once he was sure he was done growing Hunter started wolfing down his breakfast as fast as could. He wanted to go out to the field and see how fast he could run with his longer legs. He wasn’t slow or anything normally but his short legs meant he rarely won races. He had just put a giant fork full of waffles in his mouth when he felt a tap on his shoulder and swung around to see who it was.

”You’re stupid and a bully and I hate you”

Hunter was dumbstruck. He knew Madeleine was really upset that they hadn’t been able to find Shifty in the passageways and he felt really bad about that, but was pretty sure it wasn’t his fault and he didn’t know why else she would be mad at him. Even though she had been crying a lot she had seemed like a nice kid. Hunter stared in shock as she demanded that he produce Shifty. He had already tried everything he could think of in the passageways but more than that he was not thrilled to be getting yelled at, even by a little girl, when he had just been trying to help.

“Amf fwuff fow effwaffy foo foo effweff fwee foo fwoo fah?” Right, his mouth was still full of waffles. Glaring at a hilariously angry little girl while he chewed and swallowed as quickly as he could was no easy feat, but he did his best. He went a little too fast though, and started coughing and banging on the table as he tried desperately to swallow, rather than breathe, his waffles.

“Note to self,” he said finally. “Don’t breathe waffles, it’s bad for you. He cleared his throat one more time and inhaled to ask he just how she thought he was supposed to do that when they hadn’t been able to find him earlier, but he burst out laughing instead. There was just something innately funny about an adorable little girl with her arms crossed and fury in her eyes and Hunter was sincerely very happy that she wasn’t crying anymore and even though he still felt bad that Shifty was missing getting yelled at was probably better than getting cried at and he just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Sorry,” he finally managed. I don’t know why you’re mad at me but I definitely don’t know how to bring Shifty back, I already tried everything I could think of.”

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    • A piece of my face - Hunter Ioma as Toby, Sat Aug 18 12:10
      • You’re a piece of work - Madeleine, Tue Aug 21 11:58
        He was laughing at her. She was rightfully upset because he’d hurt her friend and he was laughing at her. Tobias Morgan was the worst person that she had ever met, and Madeleine Tennant did not care... more
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          • You’re not good enough to be cake - Madeleine, Sat Sep 15 16:27
            Toby took her hands and if it weren’t for the fact that she wasn’t a liar like him she would have screamed “Stranger danger!” but she wasn’t a liar, so Madeleine just stood there feeling tiny. It... more
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