You’re a piece of work
Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:58

He was laughing at her. She was rightfully upset because he’d hurt her friend and he was laughing at her. Tobias Morgan was the worst person that she had ever met, and Madeleine Tennant did not care how much trouble she was going to get in for whatever she was about to say to him. Sometimes you had to break rules and get in trouble to make something good happen.

That was what the heroines in a lot of her stories did. People were always telling heroines and heroes that they couldn’t do things, or that they should just give up because they were just one little kid and couldn’t change anything. The heroines always did it anyway. Madeleine was just one little kid, too, but she was going to fix this. She knew she could do it.

And now Toby was lying and Madeleine was so mad that she felt like a whistling-hot tea kettle. She wanted to do something bad to him, but she squashed that and used her words instead. “Stop lying!” she said, hands balling into fists. She uncrossed her arms and stomped her foot for emphasis. “You know why I’m mad. I know that you put Mr. Shifty in the passageways, and you didn’t try anything! If you were trying then he would already be back! Or Aaron-Dad could take the spell off at least.” She was disappointed in Aaron-Dad too. She thought he would fix everything if she asked him to, but he hadn’t, so now she had to do it all by herself. If she couldn’t convince Toby now then she would find another way, and another way, and as many ways as it took until it worked.

Madeleine could have cried, but she was so angry that it felt like she’d boiled all the tears off. “Mr. Shifty is a poltergeist, it’s his nature to make pranks. Punishing him for it is like punishing a cat for having hairballs.” Even if she made a mess or ruined something, they never got mad at Circe for stuff like that. It wasn’t her fault: she was just a little kitten (she was a grown-up cat now but she was still a kitten because she was so sweet and lovely and good). The humans had to be nice because they were in charge of her (as much as you could be in charge of a cat), so they could clean up the mess if they wanted. Toby was just a big bully who was mean to people who couldn’t fight back. “And just because you’re too stupid to understand that doesn’t mean you get to come in here and be a dictator!”

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    • You’re a piece of work - Madeleine, Tue Aug 21 11:58
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          Toby took her hands and if it weren’t for the fact that she wasn’t a liar like him she would have screamed “Stranger danger!” but she wasn’t a liar, so Madeleine just stood there feeling tiny. It... more
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