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Wed Aug 22, 2018 17:14

Kaye really liked the idea of falling into this bizarre friend group. Leo, Myffi, and Nolan weren’t exactly something that made sense, but it didn’t feel wrong. They all meshed together in their own ways. She’d become better at interacting with people and making friends since transferring in. At her old magical charter school in Chicago, Kaye was the worst at all that. It didn’t bother her much, because no one was as cool or interesting or badass as her anyway, but it bothered her dads. The amount they cared made her try a little harder once she moved to Rocky Mountain International. She got the feeling that her papa might have regretted asking her to make friends just a little bit.

Ruben was all his fault, really.

She wondered if it would be kinda easy like this once she went to college. If she went to college. She’d started all the applications, and they were a pain in the ass. It was wrong to be expected to know where she wanted to spend the next four years of her life. Why was she supposed to have that knowledge? Sometimes she wanted a burrito, but then she made it into the Finer Diner and the fettucini alfredo looked so much better instead. People her age really didn’t need the responsibility of making decisions like this.

Anyway, Myffi’s agreement to include her next time made her grin. “Eh, getting kicked out isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you.” Kaye shrugged. She wouldn’t care if she got kicked out of school but, again, her dads certainly would. Graduating from school was important or something. In the long run, that made sense, but at the moment, she was just so incredibly bored by everything around her. The idea of spending time with Myffi and her group of friends was the most interesting thing to happen to her this term.

“I think lighting a hallway on fire, stabbing students, punching students, secret parties that are totally not that secret, and students doing the nasty in Quidditch sheds are all grounds for expulsion,” she pointed out. “But no one’s gotten expelled so far. Honestly, I don’t think they care what we do that much as long as we leave the staff quarters out of it.”

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    Again, Kaye swore near her, but this time Myfanwy noticed that Kaye wasn’t swearing at her, exactly. Just in her presence. That was somehow less offensive than having her yearmate swear at her... more
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