Teal Rosse as Estelle Blair
Time for some changes
Fri Aug 24, 2018 02:23

It was a Sunday morning, and Teal Rosse was fed up with her own moping. After the Great Breakup (of course, it was the only breakup she’d ever had), she’d spent a lot of time sulking. But she’d also spent a lot of time thinking. Marley had said she was selfish, and Teal didn’t want to be a selfish person. Of course, Marley might have just said that because she was angry, but the other girl (who was no longer her girlfriend) seemed to have planned out a lot of her discussion in advance, and “selfish” had been part of that. So Teal had spent a lot of time in the library (after all the time sulking) reading every book she could find on relationships and self-help. Some of it seemed nonsense, or not applicable -- Teal didn’t think advice about going to bed angry really helped her, and it just made her blush -- but some of it was good advice. That, coupled with seeing her parents last weekend, told Teal she needed to get back in the game.

She spent a little extra time on her appearance this morning: she brushed out her hair, and pulled it back in a half-up, half-down. She had on a new red spaghetti-strapped dress with colorful zigzags across the middle, gray leggings, and red sandals. Since it was breakfast, there wasn’t much point to makeup, but she did have little aquamarine stud earrings and a very fashionable necklace with a silver lizard pendant. Teal thought it looked more like a chameleon than an iguana, but it was still pretty cool. It was a cute enough outfit that if she needed to impress Marley anyone in the Diner, it would do it, but it didn’t scream “trying too hard”. Which was good. The only thing Teal was going to try hard at today was her homework, since Prefects had to make good impressions. The badge was still pinned to her uniform robes, which were in her bag, in case anyone thought her shoulders were scandalous (or she got cold. Which was more likely).

The Draco sat down to a delicious stack of French Toast, supplemented by two sausages, some sliced strawberries, and a goblet of pumpkin juice. It was a little surprising to find mugs of juice already out on the tables, since usually the elves would pour for you, but Teal wouldn’t say no to readily-available food. So far, it was quiet in the Diner. She munched a strawberry and gulped a swig of the pumpkin juice (maybe not the best combination). The juice tasted a bit spicy today -- had they tried making mulled cider or something? It was nice; it made Teal think of being adventurous and determined, which were good qualities for a Draco prefect. She’d half to ask one of the house-elves for the recipe, or at least ask them to make it again. She drained the goblet and picked up her fork and knife to cut up another sausage when something terrible happened. It felt like someone was melting her insides with ice. Her stomach was twisting, shaking, kicking, and it felt like her skin was too small for her body. Everything hurt; she gasped and coughed, breaking out into a cold sweat, twitching. What was going on??

Teal put her head down on her arms and waited for it to subside. She felt weird. She still felt cold and shaky, and overall something just wasn’t right. The fifth year was about to pick up her bag to go back to her room and lie down, when a cheerful first year sat down opposite her. He sniffed his mug of pumpkin juice, said something about “aunty”, and started to load his plate. Teal’s brain was in slow motion. She couldn’t let him eat anything; he was one of her Draco firsties, and she had to take care of him. But she still felt too sick to talk. The kid (Josh? Jeff? Joey, that was it) said something else in an incomprehensible accent, then gestured at a bottle of syrup sitting next to her. Teal automatically looked at it, then gave a horrible shriek. There was SOMETHING ON her ARM!!

A black smear shot up her arm-- but she couldn’t feel it, she could only see it, and Teal frantically turned around in her seat, trying to look at her shoulders and her back. There was some kind of large black blob trying to get out of her field of view, as if it was embarrassed to be stuck on her. She tried to touch it, and it moved out of her way onto her other shoulder, and Teal realized something else about being so cold. She couldn’t feel any hair on her back.

“What the--” she clapped her hands to her head. Okay, there was still some hair, but it was a lot shorter. Okay, whatever it was didn’t make her lose all her hair. Teal cautiously moved her hands over her face. Bangs? Her face felt… different… but then Teal looked down, and she knew something wasn’t right with her body.

Teal had boobs. She’d had boobs, of course, and they were all right, but these were boobs. This was a damn fine set, and they felt like they were bursting out of her bra. Suddenly she had twice as much cleavage. Teals hands went from her hair to her chest. They felt real. Was this magic boob-growing French toast? Was the cost of a great set a few moments of discomfort? Cos if so, worth it.

“Do you see this?” She exclaimed to Joey. “I didn’t used to have these!” Could she keep them? “What is going on -- don’t eat anything,” she said hastily. “Something weird’s going on. I mean, the boobs are great, but there’s something on my back, and -- do I sound different?” She sounded, well, more like Joey. A vaguely familiar voice. Where had she heard that voice?

  • For some reason, when he followed Jarrett into the Diner that morning, the first thing his eyes landed on was his Aunty Estelle sitting at a table. That was pretty wack. It was only a month or... more
    • Time for some changes - Teal Rosse as Estelle Blair, Fri Aug 24 02:23
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        Aight, so the longer he was sitting down, the righter off Aunty Estelle was acting. He'd thought something was a bit wack when he first spotted her cos she was having breaky with the students and... more
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