I don't like these changes
Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:58

Aight, so the longer he was sitting down, the righter off Aunty Estelle was acting. He'd thought something was a bit wack when he first spotted her cos she was having breaky with the students and that Never Happened. She was also wearing a dress the likes of which Joey hadn't seen her in before, but he knew better than to ask questions on what chicks wore. Mum had knocked that into his skull when he'd been littler and poked fun at Paige for her waders. Even though Aunty Estelle had never worn dresses or skirts around him, he wasn't gonna rush dingos by asking her why she was in one now. Even though she hadn't even been in a dress in hers and Uncle Liam's wedding pictures. Even though the dress she now had on was... small. He was doing a fairly good job of making eye contact without getting awkward and giving attention to it, he thought.

Or rather, Joey had thought that up to the part where she made a high-pitched scream, not unlike Paige when she opened the bathroom door to find someone else on the other side waiting (not that he did that on purpose...), and started flailing around. Her poor octopus freaked and swam up her arm and around her shoulder out of sight, and it was all Joey could do to keep himself from gaping. Luckily she stopped after a moment and started rubbing her head instead, and then she looked down and grabbed her own chest and started demanding if he saw 'em. He wasn't so fussed about gaping any more. Instead he was blushing, probably red as a mango through his darker skin, and looking solidly away. He got that it was a lady's choice what to do with her own body but why did his aunty have to choose doing this? At him??

"Um, nah, you sound normal," Joey managed to say, but not managing to say it in a way that didn't sound like he was sorta choking on his tongue. She'd warned him off eating, which was pointless since he'd already taken the first bite, and it sure didn't taste like there was something wrong with it. Weighing up the known consequences of disobeying his aunty with the unknown consequences of continuing to eat his French toast, Joey reached the disappointing conclusion that it wasn't worth it, and set down his fork. Sigh. At least he hadn't gotten his plate soggy with syrup yet; his toast could wait a few without being ruined. Unlike his aunty, who seemed to have forgotten who she was or something, and that wasn't a thing you waited to deal with. "Are you right, aunty? Well I guess not," the eleven-year-old edited, "it's straight there's a problem, but what's up? How'dja forget 'bout your tat, and your... you know." No way was he talking about those directly, no matter how much she was waving them around.

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    It was a Sunday morning, and Teal Rosse was fed up with her own moping. After the Great Breakup (of course, it was the only breakup she’d ever had), she’d spent a lot of time sulking. But she’d also... more
    • I don't like these changes - Joey, Sun Aug 26 11:58
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