Tycho Leppit
Big brother returns!
Mon Sep 3, 2018 10:15

Tycho let his backpack fall gracelessly off his shoulder, landing on the floor next to his chair with a thud. He was super exhausted - he had basically not slept Saturday night - but he wore a lingering grin. After what could only be called an exciting weekend for the Leppit family, Tycho had a brand new baby sibling.

Calypso Voltaire Marie Leppit was born technically today, Sunday, around four o’clock in the morning New York time. Now Tycho was back to RMI just twelve hours later - his parents wanted him to get to be around for the new baby’s arrival, but they didn’t want him to have to miss classes on Monday, so Uncle Andy returned him to his school once everything was comparatively settled, with time for him to ease back into RMI before bedtime. Which was silly, because he was debating at least skipping the morning classes tomorrow, but whatever floated their boat-ed.

His first destination was to see Garen, to let him know that he was back and, most importantly, that Addi had finally had a girl so that meant that - if there was any mercy in the universe - she was done popping out babies. Tycho loved both of his little siblings a whole world’s worth already, but even he could see that maybe having a bunch of kids wasn’t the greatest choice, for a lot of reasons. But Addi had wanted a girl, which was fine with him because he’d never felt slighted for not being a girl, and now she had one, so that was simply that.

His second destination, however, was to the Finer Diner. Because hospital food was straight up trash and he was absolutely starving. It was around 2:30 by now, so maybe a weird time to have a meal, but Tycho was hardly concerned by that. And fortunately, someone else was having a strangely scheduled Sunday afternoon too, because he immediately noticed a table that was occupied. And thus that was where he was now, plopping his backpack down and sitting next to them. “Hi,” he grinned. “Mind if I join you?”

    • You’re twice the big brother I am - Elliot Phippen, Sat Sep 15 11:13
      Sundays were for sleeping in. They were also for video games, but obviously that wasn’t an option here, so when Elliot had eventually gotten up he’d gone to the Quidditch Pitch to climb the rock... more
      • Quite literally, yes. - Tycho, Sat Sep 15 14:07
        “No, sorry, I’m saving this seat for my best friend.” Tycho beamed. “Convenient,” he said, wiggling around in the chair he had already physically claimed. He and Elliot had been best friends for,... more
        • That was the joke - Elliot, Sat Sep 15 15:27
          “Oh, good for you,” Elliot said. Tycho had mentioned he wanted a sister this time because then Addi would probably stop having kids, because she’d really really wanted a daughter. He figured that... more
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