Elliot Phippen
You’re twice the big brother I am
Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:13

Sundays were for sleeping in. They were also for video games, but obviously that wasn’t an option here, so when Elliot had eventually gotten up he’d gone to the Quidditch Pitch to climb the rock wall. It turned out that if you let go of the wall, you would fall for a few seconds before the magic caught you right before you went splat on the ground, like Spiderman did to Mary Jane in that one movie. Elliot learned this on accident: his foot slipped off a rock while he was reaching up, and the fingers on his right hand weren’t quite strong enough to save him. It quickly turned into a game of “climb up the wall as high and fast as you can and then jump off before you reach the top.” The object of the game was to climb up the wall as high and fast as he could and then jump off before he reached the top, and Elliot was winning.

After about the sixth time, Ms. Liang caught him, and she was all, “You’re going to break your neck,” and Elliot was all, “Not if the charms keep working!” and Ms. Liang was all, “If you’re looking for thrills, try a broomstick. At least then you’ll be Gerry’s problem,” so Elliot had to stop. At least for now. The groundskeeper probably wouldn’t be paying that much attention to the rock wall later in the afternoon…

It was well past lunchtime now, though, and Elliot hadn’t eaten except for a granola bar that morning, so he made his starving way to the Diner and filled a plate with Szechuan chicken and peppers. He’d just swallowed the second spicy bite when someone asked a question (usually people only tried to talk to you right after you put food in your mouth. The ability to perfectly interrupt someone eating was like a weird sixth sense that everyone had) and plopped down in the chair next to him.

“Hey, you’re back!” Elliot grinned. He hadn’t realized Tycho would return to RMI so soon from his trip to NYC to meet his new sibling. Elliot totally would have stretched the visit as long as he could, although maybe Tycho was So Over having a baby around. Elliot could understand that. “No, sorry, I’m saving this seat for my best friend.” If it were any of his other friends, he would’ve leaned over and given them a one-armed hug, but it was Tycho and Elliot wouldn’t put it past him to have somehow gotten syrup on the back of his shoulder.

“So what’s the verdict? Brother or sister?” Elliot couldn’t speak to having one brother, let alone two, but having a sister was all right when she was in a good mood. “And the name? Better or worse than what you and Sandy got stuck with?” Elliot would’ve full-named both of the Leppit boys as part of the tease, but he couldn’t remember. Tycho and Lysander both had a million middle names and they were all ridiculous.

  • Big brother returns! - Tycho Leppit, Mon Sep 3 10:15
    Tycho let his backpack fall gracelessly off his shoulder, landing on the floor next to his chair with a thud . He was super exhausted - he had basically not slept Saturday night - but he wore a... more
    • You’re twice the big brother I am - Elliot Phippen, Sat Sep 15 11:13
      • Quite literally, yes. - Tycho, Sat Sep 15 14:07
        “No, sorry, I’m saving this seat for my best friend.” Tycho beamed. “Convenient,” he said, wiggling around in the chair he had already physically claimed. He and Elliot had been best friends for,... more
        • That was the joke - Elliot, Sat Sep 15 15:27
          “Oh, good for you,” Elliot said. Tycho had mentioned he wanted a sister this time because then Addi would probably stop having kids, because she’d really really wanted a daughter. He figured that... more
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