Quite literally, yes.
Sat Sep 15, 2018 14:07

“No, sorry, I’m saving this seat for my best friend.”

Tycho beamed. “Convenient,” he said, wiggling around in the chair he had already physically claimed. He and Elliot had been best friends for, like, forever now; they went to the same Muggle elementary school, and Elliot’s mom Lia was Addi’s boss at the nightclub. It was nice to have his bud around RMI, too. Tycho was a very social kind of person, and this way, between Elliot and Sadie, he never had to be alone.

“Girl,” the Lyra answered with audible relief. “And it’s just as bad. Maybe worse.” He took a deep breath before making the full announcement. “Calypso Voltaire Marie Leppit. I don’t know why Reece or somebody doesn’t stop her. She’s a freaking maniac.” In a lot of ways - without being mean - Tycho was pretty sure he was smarter than his mom. He at least understood how to name a freaking person. Addi just threw a bunch of complicated references into a string and decided that was acceptable for a human being to be stuck with for the entirety of their lives. Each of them seemed to get one middle name that was an acceptable thing - Riley, Isaac, and Marie, respectively - and Tycho debated maybe just having a mutiny where the three of them all pretended those were their primary names. It would have to wait until his little siblings were old enough for opinions, though, and he couldn’t do it alone, so he was saddled with this tragedy for a while.

“Pretty easy birth though,” he commented idly. “Guess Addi’s good at the baby thing by now. And you know what a nerd Reece is, so they figured they’d get me back to school ASAP so I wouldn’t miss class.” Tycho shrugged. “Anyway. Anything fun happen here while I was gone? Has the world kept spinning?”

  • You’re twice the big brother I am - Elliot Phippen, Sat Sep 15 11:13
    Sundays were for sleeping in. They were also for video games, but obviously that wasn’t an option here, so when Elliot had eventually gotten up he’d gone to the Quidditch Pitch to climb the rock... more
    • Quite literally, yes. - Tycho, Sat Sep 15 14:07
      • That was the joke - Elliot, Sat Sep 15 15:27
        “Oh, good for you,” Elliot said. Tycho had mentioned he wanted a sister this time because then Addi would probably stop having kids, because she’d really really wanted a daughter. He figured that... more
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