That was the joke
Sat Sep 15, 2018 15:27

“Oh, good for you,” Elliot said. Tycho had mentioned he wanted a sister this time because then Addi would probably stop having kids, because she’d really really wanted a daughter. He figured that they were probably due a girl now, but Elliot had mentioned offhand that one of his mom’s friends was the seventh of nine sons, which had alarmed Tycho. Apparently it was fine, though.

Personally Elliot didn’t think that having a little sister was that much different than having a little brother would be, but it wasn’t like he could compare. As far as he could tell, the only difference in their family was that Dad was extra protective of Ari (but maybe that was because she was the youngest) and that Mama took Ari for “girls days” where they went to the spa and got manicures and stuff. Elliot didn’t mind not going to the spa. He could never sit still without using his hands long enough for nail polish to dry, and he didn’t like having nail polish on the couple of times he’d tried it when he was younger, because once it got chipped, he just wanted to pick all of it off. Overall, any activity that mostly involved sitting in a peaceful room doing nothing was too boring for him, so Mama and Ari could keep their spa days to themselves.

Having a sibling was better than being an only child would be, he thought, even when Ari was being a brat. She was still his sister, legendary tantrums and all. Oh, crap. Tycho going home to meet—ugh—Calypso had reminded Elliot of what was likely to be his sister’s next hissy fit. Elliot wasn’t sure whether Ariana had figured out yet that he wouldn’t be home for her birthday this April. All he could really hope was that Ari wouldn’t realize until after midterm, when he was hundreds of miles away from there. He would have to get her a really nice present to make up for it.

Voltaire? For pineapple’s sake. “Worse,” he confirmed. “Definitely worse. She’s insane. The more kids your mom names, the more I feel like I should thank mine a lot.” Elliot Roy Phippen was a good name. No extra y’s, a single normal middle name… Elliot was still named after dead people, but at least they were dead people his mom used to know.

“Glad your mom’s doing good. Nothing to report here,” Elliot said. The school was still standing and as far as Elliot knew, nothing had gone horribly wrong in the half of a day Tycho had been gone. Mostly Elliot had been in Quidditch practice. Their match against Lyra was coming up fast. “Camilla had us doing drills for like, six hours yesterday. I thought Ruth was gonna pass out, but I caught the Snitch, like, eighteen times. Are you guys ready to get destroyed by us?”

  • Quite literally, yes. - Tycho, Sat Sep 15 14:07
    “No, sorry, I’m saving this seat for my best friend.” Tycho beamed. “Convenient,” he said, wiggling around in the chair he had already physically claimed. He and Elliot had been best friends for,... more
    • That was the joke - Elliot, Sat Sep 15 15:27
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