You’re not good enough to be cake
Sat Sep 15, 2018 16:27

Toby took her hands and if it weren’t for the fact that she wasn’t a liar like him she would have screamed “Stranger danger!” but she wasn’t a liar, so Madeleine just stood there feeling tiny. It didn’t matter that he was being gentle. She didn’t want to have her hands held right now. She just wanted Toby to admit he was wrong and fix everything.

And then he just. kept. lying. and the tiny feeling went away because there was no room for it when she was having a big angry feeling instead. He was trying to trick her, pretending like he hadn’t been the one who told Aaron to trap Mr. Shifty, pretending like he didn’t know anything about it, making up stuff to distract her from how mad and right she was. Madeleine liked playing pretend and make-believe games, but this was not an okay kind of pretending. This was just lies.

He let go before Madeleine could yank her hands away, and she pulled her arms tight close to herself so that he couldn’t try to hold her hands again. “It doesn’t make sense, because you’re a liar and I know it was you,” she snapped, “because my dads told me so. If you’re not going to be a good person and let Mr. Shifty out, then at least own up to what you did.”

It didn’t seem like Toby was going to change his attitude. Madeleine had thought that if she just confronted him and let him know what he had done wrong and how to fix it, he would. Until now, she’d never realized what an awful person he was. He had always seemed so friendly and enthusiastic. She thought he’d just made a mistake and not understood how it was bad. But now that she’d made it really clear, not only was he not fixing things, he was lying about it. Madeleine could not contain how angry she was at him any longer. Before her brain could decide what she should do, her eyes were seeing a bowl full of macerated strawberries next to the platter of waffles, and her hands were picking it up, and then she was dumping the entire bowl of strawberries and syrup over Tobias Morgan’s dumb, lying, curly-haired head.

  • I'd rather be a piece of cake - Hunter as Toby, Sat Sep 15 14:36
    Hunter blinked, and kept blinking as Madeleine went on about how he was apparently the one who had locked Shifty away. He was pretty sure he wasn’t lying. But she was pretty adamant, so there was... more
    • You’re not good enough to be cake - Madeleine, Sat Sep 15 16:27
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