Brynjolf Nilssen
Sat Sep 22, 2018 09:45

Adjusting was hard. Since the morning he’d woken up to complete silence, Bryn’s life seemed to be upside down. At first, he had thought that it wasn’t going to be so bad, this whole not hearing thing. But it had been significantly more challenging than he had imagined. The seventeen year old kept expecting to hear something – anything – but that wasn’t ever going to happen. The testing they had done after that initial diagnoses had confirmed it. Brynjolf was deaf and it was still terrifying. He’d only had an adjustment period of about two weeks and that hadn’t been nearly enough time. He was learning slowly, but there was already so much that he struggled with.

For the first time in his life, Bryn longed to hear his sister tattling on him to their mother or to hear the small babbling brook that ran outside their family home. He missed the soft rustle of turning pages as he leafed through yet another book and the sharp call of his father’s voice as he called the family to dinner. Everyone had been tiptoeing around him, not that it was necessary considering that he couldn’t hear them anyway. But even Norah wasn’t pulling her typical stunts, looks of pity often cast his way when she thought he wasn’t looking. His father had let off on any hunts for a betrothal, not that one would be very easy to get with a son who would be without two of his senses before he turned fifty. And his mum. Oh god, the greatest change had come from his mother.

She treated him like he was broken and fragile. In a way perhaps, he was. He felt like a newborn trying to walk for the first time. Bryn had never realized how much he had relied on the heightened sense in his one ear and now that it was gone so did most of his physical ability to not walk into everything. He knocked into things more often than not but the doctor had said that was normal. As soon as he adjusted, his body would learn to balance out without the use of his ears. The worst was people coming up behind him. He jumped and knocked into things more often and so far, the three other members of the household had been working to always approach him from the front.

If it was that hard at home, Bryn could only imagine how hard it was going to be now that he was back at Rocky Mountain. He wasn’t even sure how to go about explaining it to people, but at least he didn’t have to explain it to any of his professors. Mr. Tennant had been incredibly helpful once his mum had gotten over the shock and written him. He now had a quick quotes quill or a Dictaquill as it was called that jotted down whatever someone was saying. He could tune it to focus on one person, so if he was having a conversation or at a lecture, he wouldn't get all the background "noise" from his fellow students. It was particularly convenient when he didn’t realize someone was talking to him. It floated next to him, generally within eyesight and he sometimes saw it writing before he actually noticed the person. He could still read lips, but that had been a skill that he had combined with actually being able to hear and without that, he hadn’t been able to keep up. The quill helped in class and in conversation so he at least didn’t have to worry about missing anything academically.

Socially, he wasn’t sure how anything was working. Norah tried to be nice to him, sometimes sitting with him at meals so that if anyone came up, she could let him know. But in general, he tried to be by himself in solitude. The silence was already deafening and as useful as it was, the quill reminded him that he was far from normal. He felt like a freak which was one of the reasons that he didn’t want implants or hearing aids. He’d feel more like an alien than ever and there wasn’t even certainty that they would help anyway.

Despite all of the things he’d said to her in the past few weeks and their rocky history, Norah still sat across from him at every meal. He wasn’t sure how much she really understood, but the company was helpful. It was how he found himself staring down at his barely touched waffle, just pushing a piece of it around in syrup. Out of the corner of his eye, the quill moved, jotting across the paper. The Draco lifted his head, eyes scanning the word. Bryn? The quill moved again quickly. I’m going to the library now, will you be okay?” Blue eyes raised to look at his sister, he simply nodded and went back to looking at his waffle. It was a few minutes later the quill moved again and Bryn looked up at whoever it was before looking down to the quill to see what they had said.

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