Kaye Packman
C is for Cookie
Sat Sep 22, 2018 16:18

Kaye never walked so fast in her life.

Pearl Street was left behind in a blur as she made her way past the shops, hands full of double chocolate cookie, and into the bookshop. For a brief moment, she paused in front of the elevator. If felt like she was shaking. Was she? Her heart beat thundered in her ears. If anyone was trying to say something to her, she couldn’t hear it. She might have stood in front of the elevator door for five seconds or five years. However long it was, the Aquila eventually stepped inside and rode up to Rocky Mountain International.

This must have been the first time the whole school year she’d wanted to be surrounded by the mountain walls. At first she considered going to Aquila, but being alone in her room with just her thoughts - or worse, with Heather - sounded awful. Replaying the brief conversation over and over again in her mind wasn’t something she particularly wanted to do right away. She knew it would happen as soon as she tried to sleep. Why let it start now?

After a bit more mindless wandering, she found herself in the Finer Diner. It was that time of day where it was empty, the calm before the hungry student storm, which meant she was able to get a table alone. She finally let go of the cookie plate and stared at them. Just a little while ago, she’d been so excited to see Ruben and have coffee and food. Maybe find a place to have a grand old time messing around. His visits made her last year at school go faster, but now…

Whenever she needed to talk about something bad that happened, Ruben was the person she’d go to. What the hell was she supposed to do when he took that away?

Someone sat next to her, bringing her stare away from the cookies and to her company’s face instead. Her blue eyes were a little puffy and red but her eyeliner had stayed exactly in place. She sniffed and tried to remember when she’d cried. That wasn’t great. After a moment, she unzipped her huge winter coat that had been swallowing her up until now, revealing her corsetted black top that really made her purple skinny jeans pop. Before giving the person the opportunity to talk or ask questions or whatever it was that people did when they sat down for a meal, Kaye aggressively shoved the stolen plate to them. “Shut up and eat a damn cookie.”

    • F is for Friends who do stuff together - Emmett Lawrence, Sun Sep 23 08:45
      In a completely common turn of events, Emmett’s growling stomach interrupted his otherwise planned activities. Not that he fought it very hard, because he was just studying and that was lame as heck... more
      • N is for No Survivors - Kaye, Sun Sep 23 14:18
        Of the people who could have approached her, Emmett was probably the most acceptable. She felt closest to him out of everyone left at this stupid school. She’d started to enjoy spending time with... more
        • U is for U forgot “U” - Emmett, Sun Sep 23 15:19
          Emmett almost wished he had been stabbed. He kinda felt like it anyway. He absolutely hated seeing women cry. Emmett had made his peace with the likeliness of Kaye shanking him for trying to help -... more
          • O is for Oops - Kaye, Sun Sep 23 16:58
            Kaye wasn’t a crier. Her emotions tended to lean more towards righteous fury and vengeance than anything else. She cried when they decided to shave her head and when she left the charter school in... more
            • Dial M for Murder - Emmett, Wed Sep 26 21:21
              Emmett was, in pretty much all regards, not a particularly threatening young man. He had a soft face and kind eyes, and while his stocky build was decidedly athletic, anyone who had ever met him knew ... more
              • With a capital T - Kaye, Mon Oct 1 19:32
                It shouldn’t be a surprise that Emmett’s first reaction was to threaten bodily harm to Ruben. For such a sweet little summer child, the Lyra wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for his friends. At... more
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