N is for No Survivors
Sun Sep 23, 2018 14:18

Of the people who could have approached her, Emmett was probably the most acceptable. She felt closest to him out of everyone left at this stupid school. She’d started to enjoy spending time with Myffi, but right now… she didn’t want to talk about plants or homebrewed booze or wilderness. She didn’t want to talk about anything Myffi and Ruben did together for fun. She liked talking with Leo. He held the same dislike that she did for the mountain school. Nolan was no Danny, but he was sure fun to mess with and tease.

Emmett was sweet. An idiot, really, but sweet and loyal towards everyone he cared about to a damn fault. The first time they’d talked, they’d watched the fireflies. Kaye was over being at Rocky Mountain International, but she did like watching the magical lighting bugs. Every so often, when she had pain flares but really didn’t want to be stuck in her room for hours, she tried to go and watch them. Maybe she should have gone there instead of the Diner.

She thought that Emmett would sit down, shut up, and eat the cookies she’d forced on him. Kaye didn’t want to hear anything. She just wanted to sit in silence, which she could have done in her room, but she didn’t want to sit be alone. Or alone with Heather. Sitting with people - with an Emmett - was the best she could do without losing her mind.

“Do you want to talk about… whatever it is?”

Before she could offer him a sarcastic comment, he placed his hand on her shoulder. She could barely feel the weight through her coat, but she knew it was there. And that knowledge felt like too much. Kaye didn’t know what she was doing or why, but as if she had no control over herself or her emotions, she felt herself fold in half quicker than a politician’s morals and start to cry. It was so freakishly embarrassing, and she wanted to pour a whole carafe of boiling coffee onto Ruben’s bits for making her feel like this. Her body physically hurt pretty much all the time. It was so completely unfair that she felt this kind of hurt, too.

Her shoulders shook while she sobbed and tried to make it stop, but she couldn’t. Damn it. Damn it, damn him, damn him too, damn being stuck in this school. Damn being bald, damn the lupus, damn Emmett and the cookies. This sucked so much. Pineappleing hell, if she could stop crying and just feel angry or any other emotion more useful than sobbing into her hands, that would be freaking fantastic.

  • F is for Friends who do stuff together - Emmett Lawrence, Sun Sep 23 08:45
    In a completely common turn of events, Emmett’s growling stomach interrupted his otherwise planned activities. Not that he fought it very hard, because he was just studying and that was lame as heck... more
    • N is for No Survivors - Kaye, Sun Sep 23 14:18
      • U is for U forgot “U” - Emmett, Sun Sep 23 15:19
        Emmett almost wished he had been stabbed. He kinda felt like it anyway. He absolutely hated seeing women cry. Emmett had made his peace with the likeliness of Kaye shanking him for trying to help -... more
        • O is for Oops - Kaye, Sun Sep 23 16:58
          Kaye wasn’t a crier. Her emotions tended to lean more towards righteous fury and vengeance than anything else. She cried when they decided to shave her head and when she left the charter school in... more
          • Dial M for Murder - Emmett, Wed Sep 26 21:21
            Emmett was, in pretty much all regards, not a particularly threatening young man. He had a soft face and kind eyes, and while his stocky build was decidedly athletic, anyone who had ever met him knew ... more
            • With a capital T - Kaye, Mon Oct 1 19:32
              It shouldn’t be a surprise that Emmett’s first reaction was to threaten bodily harm to Ruben. For such a sweet little summer child, the Lyra wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for his friends. At... more
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