O is for Oops
Sun Sep 23, 2018 16:58

Kaye wasn’t a crier. Her emotions tended to lean more towards righteous fury and vengeance than anything else. She cried when they decided to shave her head and when she left the charter school in Chicago, she cried. Not because she’d been suspended - who cared about that - but because of how disappointed her dads were. They didn’t say so, because they somewhat knew she was in the right, but Kaye could tell.

She cried when her lupus caused the worst pain flairs, but that was different. And sometimes she let Ruben be there. Her dads took care of her, and so did he. She’d half a mind to write to her dads and let them know what the Swede did. Ugh that idiot. Papa had promised Kaye as his New Year’s resolution to be nicer to her boyfriend. He was going to ask Ruben to go fishing next time showed up unannounced at the Packman house. Papa enjoyed fishing, and Ruben enjoyed bringing dead animals to their place to cook, so it seemed like a great middle ground to bond over.

If Papa found out about this, that would definitely change things. No fishing for Ruben.

Emmett was saying nice stuff, and it made her cry more while also making her want to elbow him straight in the stomach. She wasn’t a child; she knew she could cry about it if she wanted to. She knew she didn’t have to talk about it. Kaye wasn’t like Heather. The ability to keep things to herself and not speak every thought she had and secret she knew was something she had that her roommate didn’t (they’d been getting along a little better lately, but right now Kaye was upset and didn’t care about that at all).

Still, Emmett being there with his stupid words and his stupid kind gestures and stupid face helped somehow. Kaye didn’t know how long it took before she was able to sit back up again. The few other people in the Diner were awkwardly avoiding making eye contact with her while also trying to stare, and she gave them all the finger anyway. At least one looked down at their boring bowl of soup in apology.

She swallowed and grabbed a napkin from the table, swiping it over her nose until she felt like at least that had stopped leaking. Crying was disgusting. “Ruben kissed someone.” Saying it made her feel both hollow and full at the same time. Kaye didn’t think she had anything left to let out, but suddenly everything felt like it was shoving its way up her chest, past her throat, and made her eyes start to sting again. No, she wasn’t going to start. Once was enough. “He just told me.”

  • U is for U forgot “U” - Emmett, Sun Sep 23 15:19
    Emmett almost wished he had been stabbed. He kinda felt like it anyway. He absolutely hated seeing women cry. Emmett had made his peace with the likeliness of Kaye shanking him for trying to help -... more
    • O is for Oops - Kaye, Sun Sep 23 16:58
      • Dial M for Murder - Emmett, Wed Sep 26 21:21
        Emmett was, in pretty much all regards, not a particularly threatening young man. He had a soft face and kind eyes, and while his stocky build was decidedly athletic, anyone who had ever met him knew ... more
        • With a capital T - Kaye, Mon Oct 1 19:32
          It shouldn’t be a surprise that Emmett’s first reaction was to threaten bodily harm to Ruben. For such a sweet little summer child, the Lyra wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for his friends. At... more
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