How inspirational
Wed Sep 26, 2018 21:12

Bryn scanned the piece of parchment that the quill had darted over, the neat writing of the enchanted item significantly neater than his own scrawl. Does it look like me? The picture that was in question was something of horror. He wasn’t sure if the kid in front of him was being serious while he held up a clearly 2-second art project. It didn’t really look like anything the young man holding the paper upright. If he was going for abstract art, Bryn would have said that he nailed it. It was wet, whatever it was, and glistened as it stuck to the poor piece of paper that had been subject to what appeared to be an impromptu drawing. If the Draco had to guess, the fries and ketchup had been a hastily thrown together palette, albeit a tasty one. In another time, the sixth year might have laughed at what was in front of him and praised it, but the recent events of his life had put a different light on things.

He assumed that he was a first year (one of Norah’s housemates? He wasn’t quite certain) but he’d really not had any contact with him. Really he hadn’t had much experience with any of the younger years except for when on Prefect duty and with Sara of course. After spending time studying with her in the outdoor classroom, they got on quite well. Her ideas were exciting and she had some good study habits that he’d picked up on. Bryn just hoped that her opinion of studying with him wouldn’t change now that he was no longer able to hear. He didn’t know what to expect of people, so he only assumed the worst.

“It’s uncanny,” Bryn replied, trying to sound sincere. Of course, he wasn’t sure if that was really how he sounded considering he couldn’t tell anything about the regulation of his own voice (a fact that had bothered him enough that not speaking seemed like a better option). But he didn’t want to put down anyone’s hopes and dreams and not responding at all seemed like something that would do that. He certainly wasn’t one to judge either but well, the portrait was lacking a specific appeal that a self-portrait seemed to require. Then again, self-image was what you believed in so really who was Bryn to say what this young boy thought he looked like. If it was a gelatinous, red, gooey blob it was no business of Bryn’s argue. “What exactly were you planning to do with that?”

  • Playing Picasso - Eugene Hardie , Sat Sep 22 20:20
    Eugene had only been back at RMI for two whole days and even though RMI was the best place ever (after Disneyland, duh) he was missing his family. His mom, Jeb, brothers and sisters and his new baby... more
    • How inspirational - Brynjolf, Wed Sep 26 21:12
      • I always wanted to be a role model - Eugene, Sun Sep 30 18:55
        Eugene’s portrait was uncanny! He didn’t exactly know what uncanny meant but it was probably a good thing. Well, he thought, glancing at his artwork, this was some of his best work, uncanny had to be ... more
        • And you'll be a great one, I'm sure - Bryn, Sun Oct 7 17:14
          Brynjolf blinked one or twice as he tried to watch the young boy’s mouth move instead of relying on the quick quill. He’d taken a moment to tune it to the other student, as they were currently... more
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