Dial M for Murder
Wed Sep 26, 2018 21:21

Emmett was, in pretty much all regards, not a particularly threatening young man. He had a soft face and kind eyes, and while his stocky build was decidedly athletic, anyone who had ever met him knew that he was incredibly unlikely to ever put it to use productively in any sort of altercation. That being said, the threatening look he shot at anyone in the Diner who looked at Kaye for too long was perhaps his greatest achievement in that realm. Rose would’ve been so proud. Well, kinda.

Kaye did sit back up eventually, so that was progress. Emmett had scooted the napkins slightly closer to her, predicting and preempting her reach for them. She found some type of composure, and he let himself believe that maybe it was going to be okay. Maybe, just maybe-...

“Ruben kissed someone.”


“He just told me.”

“I’ll kill him,” he stated immediately without thinking it through. Then he remembered who Ruben Lundviaojfkdh was as a person. “Or, more likely, die trying, I guess,” he added, hoping the (half) jest would appreciated. Emmett had never liked Ruben. He didn’t like him when he beat people up for fun, or when he dated Holland, or when he hurt Rose, or when he slept with Marissa, or when he stabbed Danny, or… you know, ever. And now he added Kaye to his list of casualties, and that was simply unacceptable.

“Kaye, that really, really sucks,” said Emmett, forcing himself to be a bit calmer, at least on the outside. It was a test of his acting abilities. “I’m sorry.”

  • O is for Oops - Kaye, Sun Sep 23 16:58
    Kaye wasn’t a crier. Her emotions tended to lean more towards righteous fury and vengeance than anything else. She cried when they decided to shave her head and when she left the charter school in... more
    • Dial M for Murder - Emmett, Wed Sep 26 21:21
      • With a capital T - Kaye, Mon Oct 1 19:32
        It shouldn’t be a surprise that Emmett’s first reaction was to threaten bodily harm to Ruben. For such a sweet little summer child, the Lyra wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for his friends. At... more
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