Madeleine Tennant
Tabula Rasa [tag: everyone]
Sun Sep 30, 2018 09:47

After the Polyjuice Potion thing, Madeleine had been brilliantly inspired to use a potion, which meant that the best person she could possibly go to was Professor Rob. There was a lot you could say about Professor Rob, but when it really came down to it, the most important thing for what Madeleine needed was that he liked a good prank. Which meant that when Madeleine wrote him a letter about her idea, he said yes pretty much right away.

Her original plan had been to ask her student friends and family (Drew, Kit, Dade, Remy, and maybe Emmett. Emmett was a ‘maybe’ because he was a prefect, but on the other hand, he was really nice, so he probably would’ve said yes), but then Madeleine realized something. If they got caught, her friends might get in trouble, and they could get in pretty bad trouble because they were students. After all, one of the girls had gotten two detentions a week for the whole semester last year! That was a lot of trouble and Madeleine didn’t want her friends to be on the hook for this. If Madeleine did it all by herself, the staff couldn’t punish her, because she technically wasn’t a student.

She knew would probably get grounded when Dad found out, like she had after she dumped strawberries on Hunter’s head when she thought he was Toby. Madeleine had had to write Hunter an apology note, and she’d also baked him some brownies because she felt really bad. She wasn’t sorry about what she’d done, but she was sorry she’d done it to Hunter and not to Toby.

Anyway, she would almost definitely get grounded if she got caught, but they couldn’t give her detention, and if Professor Rob was the only one who’d helped her, well, it wasn’t like they could give a professor detention. And he probably couldn’t get in trouble because he was the head of Aquila. He could just say he was setting a good example of fun pranks for his students. But even if she got caught, Madeleine wasn’t going to tattle and say that Professor Rob had helped her. She would just say that the whole thing was her idea, which was true. If someone asked where she got the potion… well, she’d figure out what to say if she had to. But the important thing was that they didn’t get caught, because Toby needed to think that this was the school’s magic screwing up, not a prank, so that he would realize Shifty Eyes couldn’t have done it (because he was in poltergeist jail) and therefore had nothing to do with all the other pranks, and then Toby would have to let Shifty go.

Madeleine wasn’t usually the kind of person who did pranks, but like Matilda sang in the musical, sometimes you had to be a little bit naughty to make things right. Being a very responsible nine-year-old planning a prank, she’d tested it on herself, just a little bit, the day before she had chosen to unleash it. Just to make sure that it wasn’t too scary. She’d written herself a note explaining what was going on, and then she’d had a little bitty bit of the potion, and it had worked, and she’d read the note so she didn’t panic, and then she’d read her favorite book (The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency: The Case of the Missing Moonstone) because she’d left it out for herself with a note before she took the potion, and then it had worn off just after she finished the book, and it was fine.

Here was what had happened: after she took the potion, she couldn’t remember who she was. She knew what other things were—like, things about the world—and she knew that she was a little girl, but she didn’t know that her name was Madeleine, or what her family was like, or anything else about herself.

And that was what would happen to every single person who was in the Finer Diner at dinnertime on a Monday in late January. (Madeleine had picked Monday night because there weren’t astronomy classes after on that day, so no one would miss anything because they didn’t know they were supposed to be somewhere else). The potion was aerosolized, so unlike the Polyjuice Potion, it didn’t matter what you were eating or drinking: no one was safe from the modified Forgetfulness Potion.

    • Better late than never - Kaye Packman, Fri Nov 9 11:43
      Who was she? There was a lot going on here. People screaming and freaking out, memories gone and, worst of all, Meatless Mondays. She assumed that’s what the monstrosity was before her. She thought... more
      • The second mouse gets the cheese - Magdalena Adler, Sat Nov 10 13:30
        She was frightened. Disorientated, and standing alone in a sea of people, the feeling of dread building up in her chest was the only thing she could make sense of- so she clung to it. She shut her... more
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          It was in that moment that she realized she caught the attention of another girl on the train. She got the feeling that she was meant to feel jealous. The other girl was clearly looking at the moving ... more
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      • Do I know you? - Madeleine Tennant, Mon Oct 29 22:21
        Dear Madeleine, Everything is okay! Enjoy your book. She stared at the note for a bit. It had been tucked into the inside cover of the book resting in her lap, which was currently the skirt of a... more
        • Impossible to be sure - Georgina, Fri Nov 2 17:19
          The other person at the table was a girl, who seemed younger than…. than, herself (whoever she was). She looked adorable in her yellow spotted dress, reminiscent of the daughter character in a horror ... more
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        • Not very efficiently, it seems - Marley, Tue Nov 6 16:26
          The older other girl (she had a vague feeling that the other girl might be older, but no proof that she actually was older than her, because both of them were tall-ish, and height could sometimes be... more
          • I don't think we can be blamed - Myfanwy, Sat Nov 10 15:22
            The other girl in the leather jacket started to look through for a scene to practise, while she, the girl in the pink and yellow dress, tried to figure out what was happening here. She was obviously... more
            • I'll trust you on that - Marley, Mon Nov 12 21:45
              To her great disappointment, nothing the other girl said gave her even the tiniest hint about what her non-acting role in their theatre train troupe (that was a fun alliteration) was supposed to be.... more
              • I wouldn't trust me right now - Myffi, Thu Nov 22 09:22
                The other girl was super sweet when she admitted to not knowing what was going on right now. A lot of people maybe could have been put off by the idea of talking to someone who was suffering from... more
    • Wake me up when it's all over - Leopold Harris, Mon Oct 1 19:19
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      • When you're wiser and you're older - Some Color Rosse, Mon Oct 1 20:31
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    • The slate is blank indeed - Claudia Dubois, Mon Oct 1 08:39
      She was sitting at a table, partway through consuming a seafood and pasta dish, if the taste in her mouth and the half-empty plate before her were reliable indicators. That was, however, the extent... more
      • Let's put that to the test - Dakota (Dade) Farnon, Mon Oct 1 12:49
        It was like one of those moments when you walked into a room intending to retrieve something and then immediately forgot what you were doing and for a moment, that was what she thought had happened.... more
        • Instincts still in tact - Claudia, Mon Oct 1 14:58
          Other parts of the space seem to be in unrest: there were raised voices, not all of them English. The girl in the champagne-hued dress was relieved to be seated on her own, and so the presence of the ... more
          • Instincts or deja vu? - Dakota, Sat Oct 6 07:28
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            • Or a premonition? - Claudia, Fri Oct 12 16:15
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    • So much mystery, no idea how much time - Hunter Ioma, Sun Sep 30 22:38
      There was a lot to take in. He was sitting at a table in what might potentially have been the largest train he’d ever encountered, although of course he had no idea whether or not that was actually... more
      • Not even my books have the answer - Remington Burnham, Mon Oct 1 21:44
        One moment before, Remington Burnham had been multitasking fantastically in the Finer Diner. She’d had a slice of a vegetarian quesadilla, which she’d dipped just slightly in mild tomatillo sauce, in ... more
        • Don't believe anything you read - Hunter, Wed Oct 10 19:34
          ”I dunno if I’m studying magic or romance.” He blinked. He had not been aware either of those were things that people could study in school. They both sounded way better than history or social... more
          • But I just read that! - Remington, Fri Oct 12 16:49
            Okay, was this a weird crazy school with people who had no idea how to sort their priorities? Here they were, on a train of all things, with no memory. Based on the chaos around them, they weren’t... more
            • " I don’t know what we were studying, though. " The boy chewed on his lip for a moment and let his eyebrows twitch once more before leaning back in his seat and shaking his hand through his shaggy... more
              • I always want to be reading. - Remington, Sun Nov 4 20:58
                Naturally, the boy didn’t know what they were studying, either. She glanced at the textbooks. There was one about Defense Against the Dark Arts. That might have something helpful inside. She got the... more
    • Not a leg to stand on - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Sep 30 20:57
      Meatless Mondays might be the jewel in Myffi’s Make RMI Green Again crown, but sweet Merlin were they kind of a let down of RMI’s usual delicious food. Not that the house elves slacked on Mondays—if... more
      • Lucky you were already sitting down - Not Anssi, Mon Oct 1 12:20
        Blue eyes blinked once, and then all of a sudden he realized that he was sitting at a table without any memory of how he had come to be sitting there. After another blink he also realized that he was ... more
        • Was it luck or was it skill? - Katherine Kendrick , Wed Oct 3 07:06
          Kit Kendrick was having a zoomy day. It was Monday, which meant it was easier to be a vegan (or was she a vegetarian? The words were so close together she kept forgetting) than usual. It was also one ... more
          • Is sitting a skill? - Nolan, Wed Oct 10 15:48
            No matter how horrified you were, at some point you had to stop screaming in horror because you ran out of air or you just felt uncomfortable or something else crazy happened. In this case it was all ... more
            • No, but apparently standing is - Not Anssi, Thu Oct 11 17:35
              He did not know if he was expecting a response right away, because the other boy (...he was a boy too, right? Which meant the boy here was a “other” boy? Yes, that sounded right) was missing his leg, ... more
    • Fish out of water - Elliot Phippen (?), Sun Sep 30 15:39
      It had been suuuuuuuch a long day, and they’d had Quidditch practice too, so Elliot was starving by the time he walked into the Finer Diner for dinner. He sat down at the first table he saw, which... more
      • Fishboy used Splash? - Petra Stiglitz, Mon Oct 1 14:18
        She was blonde. She only knew that because she could see the end of the ponytail that she held curiously in between her fingers. She was sitting at a table with people she didin’t recognize and she... more
        • It wasn’t very effective - Elliot, Sat Oct 6 00:26
          Before Aquaman could stop her, the blonde girl had poured her entire cup of water over his head. “Hey, what the pineapple?!” He didn’t know how he knew that word, but he knew it was a curse word.... more
          • Definitely not. - Petra, Sun Oct 7 17:53
            This kid definitely wasn’t a merman and he seemed kinda grumpy. He said a curse word and the blonde frowned. That wasn’t very nice and definitely wasn’t something that a superhero should say. “I was... more
    • Runway Train! - DJ Finn, Sun Sep 30 12:41
      DJ Finn was settling into RMI. He was enjoying the classes and he had yet run into anyone he disliked immensely. He really didn’t talk much to his roommate Giovanni Carboni but he was sure he didn’t... more
      • Ghost train - Jesse Keller, Sun Sep 30 15:37
        Jesse’s family had managed to get him to a magical Healer after the accident that had occured during midterm. His arm had been broken pretty badly, which Jesse had known because it hurt like the sun... more
        • Crazy Train - DJ, Tue Oct 2 13:11
          The kid stated that it must be Halloween and the dark haired boy furrowed his brow. The other kid was right a lot of people have robes on. He didn't have the grey robes on. "Or a cult," he mumbled... more
          • Train of thought - Jesse, Mon Oct 15 13:46
            “My head doesn’t hurt,” he answered the other boy, around a mouthful of pizza, that was quite tasty even with its lack of meat. After a quick assessment of the rest of his body, he answered, “My arm... more
            • Going off rails - DJ, Tue Oct 23 09:54
              So the cult boy’s head didn’t hurt meaning he hadn’t hit it. The kid did say his arm felt strange as he waved it around oddly. Maybe that was a signal to the cult that their kidnapping was going okay ... more
              • Does a stationary train have rails? - Jesse, Thu Nov 22 11:48
                The other boy claimed not to know him, which was fine - unsurprising, even, as the sensation was reciprocal: neither of them knew the other. In fact it very soon transpired that neither of the boys... more
    • Not so rasa for me - Professor Rob Hier, Sun Sep 30 10:19
      There was a sort of controlled chaos that came with having four kids, two dogs, and more lizards than you could reasonably be asked to count. Well, all right, ‘controlled’ was a stronger word than... more
      • I don't even know what that means - "Headmaster" Tycho Leppit, Sun Sep 30 10:46
        One time Tycho heard on a nature documentary he was watching with Reece that some hummingbirds eight one to two times their body weight every day. He didn’t know about all that, but if that was the... more
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