"Headmaster" Tycho Leppit
I don't even know what that means
Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:46

One time Tycho heard on a nature documentary he was watching with Reece that some hummingbirds eight one to two times their body weight every day. He didn’t know about all that, but if that was the only qualification for being scientifically considered a hummingbird, Tycho was pretty sure that he was on his way. He was, like, always hungry. Just, instead of nectar, he usually wanted mozzarella sticks or chicken nuggets. You know, real sophisticated human stuff.

So it wasn’t very surprising to find him bebopping into the Finer Diner in eager expectation of his latest meal. Monday night dinners were sort of a Big Deal at home - Addi liked to do “Family Things” and have this big old sit down meal where he had to use silverware and stupid stuff like that, and apparently she figured, why not make Mondays even worse than they intrinsically were because they were Mondays? - and that thought always struck him when he arrived and faced the casualty of the Finer Diner. It was a pleasant change, albeit it did make him a little bit wistful for his mom’s dumb family night. Addi was such a weirdo.

But when he got there, he couldn’t remember a whole lot anymore. He definitely remembered that he came because he was hungry, but who exactly “he” was seemed to suddenly escape him. Huh.

Fortunately, somebody came right up to him and addressed him. Headmaster? He was the Headmaster? That seemed like a pretty big responsibility for an eleven year old, so he supposed he had to be really smart. That was a comforting thought. This person was another adult, addressing him about some note he’d sent about… oh god, what the hell kind of name was that?

The precocious youth, trying to appear more serious and Headmaster-y, straightened his posture and made a gesture as if he were adjusting a neck tie, despite the fact that he was definitely wearing a t-shirt with an ostrich on it. (The ostrich did have a tie on, but that didn’t really help his case.) “Err,” he fumbled initially. “Yes, I did, but I’ve just been so busy. Lots of adult, Headmaster-type stuff. My desk is swamped. You know how it goes. Can you remind me of the details of that particular matter?”

  • Not so rasa for me - Professor Rob Hier, Sun Sep 30 10:19
    There was a sort of controlled chaos that came with having four kids, two dogs, and more lizards than you could reasonably be asked to count. Well, all right, ‘controlled’ was a stronger word than... more
    • I don't even know what that means - "Headmaster" Tycho Leppit, Sun Sep 30 10:46
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