Not Anssi
Lucky you were already sitting down
Mon Oct 1, 2018 12:20

Blue eyes blinked once, and then all of a sudden he realized that he was sitting at a table without any memory of how he had come to be sitting there. After another blink he also realized that he was holding the handle-end of a knife and the cutting-end was buried in a thick piece of lasagna. He pulled the knife free, watching cheese stretch out between it and the pasta layers. The lasagna was on a plate that was on the table in front of him. There was a chunk already taken out of it, and it seemed safe for him to assume that meant he had been eating it, but the thought occurred to him that perhaps someone else had actually been eating it and was going to come at any moment to be upset with him for stealing their lasagna.

There was a vague feeling of upset he was already having inside himself, but he couldn’t tell if that was an anticipating type of upset for discovering he had stealed someone else’s lasagna or a lingering type of upset from something that had happened even before he had sat at the table. The only thing which he was really knowing for certain was that he was a bit lost inside of his own body - or what he hoped very much was his own body. He was able to successfully move his hand again and slowly twirl the knife around to catch the cheese strings, so that was a relief. Even if it wasn’t his own body, at least he had control of it.

Fortunately Unfortunately someone had started screaming behind him, which distracted him very much from his own problems. (Screaming was normally an unfortunate thing, right? He could not exactly remember. But the screaming was loud and almost as upsetting as the possibility of finding out that he was a stealing type of person, so it was unfortunate right now, and possibly normally unfortunate too.) Turning around in his chair, he saw at the same time as he heard that the boy behind him’s leg was gone. “Nejdåååå!” he yelped, almost falling out of his own chair in shock but managing to reverse direction and jump upright instead, knife hoisted in a gesture that might have seemed more threatening without the cheese clumped on it. “Herregud, ånej herregud var fan är ditt ben?! ...Va, jag är nästan lång,” he detoured in a quieter tone, caught off-guard at realizing how average height he was standing. But very quickly he remembered the missing leg, even though he still did not remember that he was not speaking English. He resumed shouting. “Men ditt ben!! Vad i helvete hände?”

|OOC| not as if anyone will understand him, but basically his dialogue is just a lot of “omg oh no where the hell is your leg omg what happened”, with a brief interlude of “huh, I’m kinda tall”

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    • Lucky you were already sitting down - Not Anssi, Mon Oct 1 12:20
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          • No, but apparently standing is - Not Anssi, Thu Oct 11 17:35
            He did not know if he was expecting a response right away, because the other boy (...he was a boy too, right? Which meant the boy here was a “other” boy? Yes, that sounded right) was missing his leg, ... more
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