Dakota (Dade) Farnon
Let's put that to the test
Mon Oct 1, 2018 12:49

It was like one of those moments when you walked into a room intending to retrieve something and then immediately forgot what you were doing and for a moment, that was what she thought had happened. But after that moment had passed and the knowledge of what she was doing didn’t return to her, she realized that she was missing more than just her intention at walking into this room. This - it was a room, right? It looked like they were on some sort of vehicle if you looked at the walls, but the hallway outside of the doorway right behind her didn’t have any sort of indicator that was the case. So probably a room. Anyway, she had no idea what she was doing in the room, which was fine, but also had no idea where the room was, who the other people in it were, or who she was. That all seemed problematic and it was immediately apparent that someone had done this intentionally, but the who and the how were both a little out of reach for her.

That made everyone a suspect, of course, and she looked around the hall, noticing for the first time that there were tables full of food. People seemed to be eating at those tables, mostly quietly, although there were a couple louder exceptions. The first thing she had to figure out was if this was affecting everyone, or just her. She walked toward one of the louder tables in the hopes that she could overhear something that would give her some indication of what was going on, but her hopes were in vain - the shouting seemed to be in some sort of garbled series of vowels she did not understand. There was a girl who looked to be about her age (not that she really had an understanding of that as a concrete concept but the vague foggy inclinations she had about herself in her brain indicated that she was more like this girl than the man in the wheelchair over there) and that girl was sitting alone, seemingly minding her own business. She was also wearing a very nice, neat dress that made her stand out among the crowd. The girl quickly looked down at her own attire and decided that her flowy black top combined with fitted jeans and boots put her at a solid upper middle of the room, if they were ranking by outfits. Well, the girl in the dress seemed as good a place as any to start her investigation, so the memory-free sleuth started walking in that direction before she stopped for a moment, wary.

It seemed like most people were with other people, but this person was not with other people. Inasmuch as anything could currently be described as suspicious, that was pretty suspicious. What sort of person would just be sitting on their own at a meal? It was clear from this distance that her plate did not have enough food on it for her to just have started her meal, which meant this isolation was intentional. That meant the girl in the dress had been sitting there on her own for some time, which meant that she was the prime suspect. The investigating teenager hesitated as she felt the anxiety tug on her stomach, then moved forward anyway. There was no better source for finding out what was going on than the person who had set up whatever strange prank or social experiment or whatever this was, and it was pretty obvious that the girl in the dress was up to no good.

“Hello,” she responded to the sitting girl’s greeting, taking a seat opposite hers with no small amount of anxiety. She had been perfectly fine a moment ago - it was clear that her instincts were telling her that something was up with this person. She had no idea if she was the sort of person who typically trusted her instincts, but she didn’t have many other options at this point so she was going with it. Still, better not let the mastermind know what was going on. “I like your dress,” she said, helping herself to some pasta, luring the other girl into a false sense of security. Hopefully she would fall for it and the sleuth would be able to figure out what was going on quickly.

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    • Let's put that to the test - Dakota (Dade) Farnon, Mon Oct 1 12:49
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