Petra Stiglitz
Fishboy used Splash?
Mon Oct 1, 2018 14:18

She was blonde. She only knew that because she could see the end of the ponytail that she held curiously in between her fingers. She was sitting at a table with people she didin’t recognize and she didn’t even recognize herself. Was she naturally this blonde? Or did she dye it. She had to dye it there was no way that she was actually a blonde-haired girl. If she was even a girl at that, but all the other girls in the room had long hair so she could safely assume that she too was a female. Next to her, someone spilled their glass of water and she couldn’t help but giggle.

The boy next to her flinched back and she thought that was weird. Really this whole thing was weird because now that she thought about it – why couldn’t she remember her name? It seemed like a vital piece of information that someone wouldn’t forget very easily. It puzzled her and she glanced away from her table. Another weird thing – they were in a train apparently. Why couldn’t she feel it moving? The outside was whizzing by, but there was no familiar rattle of the wheels on the train. Had she ever ridden on a train before? She wasn’t certain.

Bringing her attention back to the table, the blonde girl heard the boy announce that he was a merman and that he didn’t think he should touch water. That sounded really funny and she wasn’t sure why a merman would be in a train car. Her glass of water was halfway to her lips, but it never made it there. Instead, she found herself reaching over and upending the glass onto the boy. She felt a twinge and wondered if that was a normal reaction. Did she feel bad about it? A little. Did she really want to know whether or not he turned into a merman? Yes. Did it make it worth it? Absolutely.

Well, that was the kind of person she was. A few moments ticked by and nothing happened. The blonde girl frowned. “I guess that answers that question,” she stated, setting her now empty glass down on the table, careful not to drag her sleeve in the puddle. She looked over and felt that twinge again. “Sorry about the water, I just wanted to know if you were a merman or not.” She took a napkin off the table and offered it to the other person.

Glancing around, it occurred to the girl that everyone else seemed to be just as lost as she was. “Something’s got to be going on.” The girl frowned, this was so not right. “Do you think someone wiped our memories and put us in here to monitor us, because this whole thing train thing seems fake and no one would just forget their own name,” she glanced over at the boy again. “Or if they were a merman or Aquaman or something like that.”

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    • Fishboy used Splash? - Petra Stiglitz, Mon Oct 1 14:18
      • It wasn’t very effective - Elliot, Sat Oct 6 00:26
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        • Definitely not. - Petra, Sun Oct 7 17:53
          This kid definitely wasn’t a merman and he seemed kinda grumpy. He said a curse word and the blonde frowned. That wasn’t very nice and definitely wasn’t something that a superhero should say. “I was... more
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