Instincts still in tact
Mon Oct 1, 2018 14:58

Other parts of the space seem to be in unrest: there were raised voices, not all of them English. The girl in the champagne-hued dress was relieved to be seated on her own, and so the presence of the other person automatically set her on edge. The other person returned her greeting and sat down at the table. She thought he was a boy. He was wearing clothes that did not strike her as especially masculine, even when compared with the androgynous robes worn by some of the other people in the space. Yet he did have short hair like a boy and his ‘Hello’ didn’t sound like a girl’s voice, so she decided for now that he was a boy with quite girly taste in clothes. Not that he was wearing girls clothes, but they were… sort of inappropriate for a boy somehow, in a way she couldn’t quite define.

The boy sat down opposite her, and she felt distinctly uneasy. There was something about him that instinctively caused her hand to jerk towards her bag, but she couldn’t explain why. She allowed her instincts to guide her as she surreptitiously slid her right hand to the bag placed on the vacant seat next to her (had she been saving it for someone? If so, who?). Her fingers curled around a wand handle, and her breathing quickened a little. This person made her want to reach for her wand. Why was he joining her there now? Did he know she didn’t know who she was? Was he trying to take advantage of her lapse in memory for nefarious purposes?

“I like you dress.” Then again, maybe not. She loosened her grip for now, letting her hand rest as casually as she could manage alongside the bag.

It was surely not usual for a person to begin a confrontation with a complement. The speaker had a slight accent, not strong, but noticeable, but that felt familiar. She knew this person. She didn’t trust him. Perhaps, if her instinct was to reach for her wand, but he was not a stranger, apparently. “Thank you,” she replied, feeling further perplexed. If she knew this person then it would probably be harder for her to conceal her complete lack of identity. Or, more accurately, her knowledge of the same. “The pasta tastes good,” she said as her companion began to serve some for himself, owning that the comment was blander than the dish but she currently had very little else to contribute. She could not even continue eating her own dish as her dominant hand was now resting on her bag. Moving it would draw attention to the fact, and remove its proximity from her only means of defense if this person turned out to be an enemy after all.

Another shout sounded from another area within the space. She glanced briefly in the direction of the noise, and then turned her attention back to her companion. “There seems to be some commotion today,” she conversed idly, hoping that such innocuous comments would prevent her lamentable situation from becoming apparent.

  • Let's put that to the test - Dakota (Dade) Farnon, Mon Oct 1 12:49
    It was like one of those moments when you walked into a room intending to retrieve something and then immediately forgot what you were doing and for a moment, that was what she thought had happened.... more
    • Instincts still in tact - Claudia, Mon Oct 1 14:58
      • Instincts or deja vu? - Dakota, Sat Oct 6 07:28
        She had just seated herself when the girl across from her reached into her bag, which made her hand dart towards her own bag, which she had just placed on the floor next to her. There was a moment of ... more
        • Or a premonition? - Claudia, Fri Oct 12 16:15
          Her companion agreed about the commotion, and then started rifling through a folder. What could he be looking for? If he were to ask her something specific about… well, about anything, really, she... more
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