With a capital T
Mon Oct 1, 2018 19:32

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Emmett’s first reaction was to threaten bodily harm to Ruben. For such a sweet little summer child, the Lyra wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for his friends. At some point, he’d hit Danny because Claudia hexed Holland. Figuring out that series of events was confusing - she already thought Emmett hitting Danny was hilarious - but Holland did great at explaining it to her. Plus, he was dating Rose. She’d probably taught him how to fight here and there.

Kaye half-laughed, half-hiccuped when Emmett admitted he’d lose that fight. “He’s hurting right now,” she sniffed, “I poured boiling coffee on his crotch.”

She took a deep breath and then let it out slowly. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… Kaye didn’t want to cry again. Crying gave her the worst headache. It would start right at the top of the bridge of her nose and then spread behind her eyes and to her temples. She already had joint pain from the lupus, so that wasn’t fair. But she talked about pouring coffee on Ruben, and that got her to think about after.

The Aquila heard Ruben call after her when she bolted for the bookstore. He’d come after her to talk. If she was a more mature person, she would have turned around and talked to him. She would have stopped, cookies in hand, and turned to look at Ruben. He’d have told her more, maybe why he kissed the guy or didn’t stop him, explain why he would have done that to her. But she wasn’t ready to listen. What if her not wanting to talk or listen made Ruben go back to whoever it was he kissed? Would Ruben stop himself this time if they kissed again?

Emmett’s voice brought her out of that spiral before it got incredibly bad - Kaye could very easily imagine Ruben in some Adult Activities and wasn’t used to that being such a negative thing - and it almost made her smile. “Yeah, it seriously sucks. I… don’t really know what to do about it.” She looked over at Emmett. “I’m sorry for, like… getting all gross and emotional or whatever. I just… didn’t know where to go. And I stole all these cookies from him. And everything sucks.”

  • Dial M for Murder - Emmett, Wed Sep 26 21:21
    Emmett was, in pretty much all regards, not a particularly threatening young man. He had a soft face and kind eyes, and while his stocky build was decidedly athletic, anyone who had ever met him knew ... more
    • With a capital T - Kaye, Mon Oct 1 19:32
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