Some Color Rosse
When you're wiser and you're older
Mon Oct 1, 2018 20:31


She blinked heavily. Had she been dreaming? She must have fallen asleep while eating dinner. She must have been fast asleep, because she didn’t even remember getting her… plate of… ravioli? Yup, those were ravioli-- the girl prodded at them with her fork. Weird that she’d fallen asleep sitting up, because she didn’t have sauce on her face. Or on her drab gray robes. Why was she wearing gray robes? They had some sort of symbol on them, which was hard to see upside down, but she didn’t know what it meant or why she was wearing them.

She must have been really sleepy, because it was like when you’d been fast asleep and couldn’t figure out where you were or what was going on. She was in a big room with tables and more confused-looking people, some of them wearing gray robes. And outside the windows was night? That was moving?? Even though she didn’t feel like she was moving??? Okay, that was too much, better not look at it. She stared back at her ravioli. She felt a cold sweat coming on. Something was wrong, really wrong.

She must still be dreaming, and this was one of those dreams where you’d been kidnapped or something. She tried to think if this had ever happened before, but she couldn’t remember anything like this. She couldn’t remember anything before this-- nothing about her life, nothing about herself. It was like she’d been born in this room, and it was terrifying.

There was a kid sitting next to her. A boy with floppy blonde hair. He was cute, in a sort of disheveled way. Good choice on her part to sit near him. She should ask him out or something. Unless-- what if he was related to her? What if he was her brother? Maybe they’d both been kidnapped together. It would make sense.

“I was just wondering if I could borrow your phone?” the confused boy asked her. She noticed he had a stain on his shirt. Ugh, brothers were so messy and gross.

“Of course,” she said automatically. She patted her legs to see if her phone was in her pockets. Nope, it wasn’t there. Was it in her purse? She twisted around in her chair but didn’t see a purse, only more people in gray robes. “Ummm, actually, I…. I don’t have a phone.” Why didn’t she have a phone? She had a vague feeling that people like her didn’t have phones, but she didn’t know why. What was different about her? She didn’t have a phone (which normal people had), she couldn’t remember anything, and she was wearing a funny outfit. That was a scary bad thing, because--

“Did they take your phone?” She asked anxiously. “Because I don’t have one. And you don’t have one, and-- I think we’re in trouble, here. I don’t think this is a good place to be.” She lowered her voice and looked around nervously, leaning in towards the guy. He must be her brother, because she trusted him. “I think we’re in a cult.”

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    • When you're wiser and you're older - Some Color Rosse, Mon Oct 1 20:31
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        He watched anxiously as the girl fumbled for her phone, his stomach sinking when she came up empty handed, but despite his terror he tried to adopt a neutral expression. The girl appeared as... more
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          The blonde at the table didn’t often pay attention to her surroundings. She knew this about herself, so it took quite a long time for her to realize something was wrong. Actually, it took until a... more
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