Remington Burnham
Not even my books have the answer
Mon Oct 1, 2018 21:44

One moment before, Remington Burnham had been multitasking fantastically in the Finer Diner. She’d had a slice of a vegetarian quesadilla, which she’d dipped just slightly in mild tomatillo sauce, in one hand, and her other held a book. Her planner was out in front of her, leaving her food to her left. She’d finished the chapter and crossed it of of her homework list before taking a bite, setting the taco down, wiping her hand on a napkin as best as she could with the other occupied, and reaching into her backpack to switch books.

Then, just like that, she couldn’t remember why her fingers were pulling her backpack zipper. There were a lot of things she couldn’t remember. This was clearly her backpack full of textbooks and notes; why else would she be rifling through it? She didn’t know what any of these things were for, though. Was she at school? This didn’t look like any school she knew. ...if she knew any schools. One thing was for sure: most schools didn’t take place on trains.

Maybe she was traveling? If so, where was the rest of her luggage? Surly someone as intelligent as she was (she felt like she was really smart, at least) would think to pack more than just books. Was she traveling back from school? Maybe it was a holiday. The girl couldn’t figure out what holiday it could be, though. With a huff, she rezipped her backpack, left the giant textbook leaning against the bag, and sat up again.

Not knowing what was going on or who she is or anything useful may have been the most exhausting and annoying feeling she’d ever experienced.

She had on an oversized dark blue sweater with black leggings that lit up in yellow lights with different constellations every so often. She thought she felt something crawl in her hair, but when she reached back to touch her huge and kinky brown curls, all she found was a hair bow. It was shaped like what she identified as a rocketship, once she’d taken it out of her hair to have a look, and it seemed like the little trails of smoke or whatever were what held her hair in place. She didn’t get the chance to pull her hair back up into something more manageable when someone came over and talked to her.

“so… I have no idea who I am, how about you?” The boy asked. She blinked her brown eyes and shook her head. A puzzled frown accompanied the movement.

“No idea,” she replied in a tone that suggested she was Not a Fan of Not Knowing Stuff, “But from all the stuff I have with me, I must be some kind of student. But there are so many books in there and they’re all about different stuff. I dunno if I’m studying magic or romance.” She started flipping the pages of the planner in front of her. There wasn’t a way to know if it was hers, even though it was right there, but she felt like it had information anyway. “There has to be some kind of clue. People not knowing who they are isn’t normal.”

  • So much mystery, no idea how much time - Hunter Ioma, Sun Sep 30 22:38
    There was a lot to take in. He was sitting at a table in what might potentially have been the largest train he’d ever encountered, although of course he had no idea whether or not that was actually... more
    • Not even my books have the answer - Remington Burnham, Mon Oct 1 21:44
      • Don't believe anything you read - Hunter, Wed Oct 10 19:34
        ”I dunno if I’m studying magic or romance.” He blinked. He had not been aware either of those were things that people could study in school. They both sounded way better than history or social... more
        • But I just read that! - Remington, Fri Oct 12 16:49
          Okay, was this a weird crazy school with people who had no idea how to sort their priorities? Here they were, on a train of all things, with no memory. Based on the chaos around them, they weren’t... more
          • " I don’t know what we were studying, though. " The boy chewed on his lip for a moment and let his eyebrows twitch once more before leaning back in his seat and shaking his hand through his shaggy... more
            • I always want to be reading. - Remington, Sun Nov 4 20:58
              Naturally, the boy didn’t know what they were studying, either. She glanced at the textbooks. There was one about Defense Against the Dark Arts. That might have something helpful inside. She got the... more
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