Crazy Train
Tue Oct 2, 2018 13:11

The kid stated that it must be Halloween and the dark haired boy furrowed his brow. The other kid was right a lot of people have robes on. He didn't have the grey robes on. "Or a cult," he mumbled more to himself as he gripped his wand tighter.

The boy across from him asked if he had hit his head. He made a comment about not remembering getting on the train either. Immediately after the kid started eating his pizza. The current memory wiped Draco narrowed his eyes at the kid. How could he eat at a time like this? Wasn't he worried about where he was? Or for that matter who he was?

Unless - the kid actually remembered and he was part of the cult that had kidnapped whatever his name was. Was that what the robes meant? They remembered but were playing around trying to trick the others into eating the food? Wasn't that a thing cults did was make you eat their weird foods and drink kool-aid.

His own head didn't hurt The dark-haired boy picked up his cup and smelled it. It was orange soda - not kool-aid. Maybe this cult was trying something new or maybe they weren't a cult? "I didn't see you there a few seconds so I don't know if you hit your head." He answered the question pretty sure it was the truth. His voice wasn't high pitched anymore what he assumed he normally sounded like. He hoped he was telling the truth to the kid. He didn't want to mislead the kid that seemed wrong unless he was the reason he couldn't remember his own name then he wouldn't mind lying.

"What do you remember? Does your head hurt? If you hit it it would probably hurt." His eyes glancing over at the kid hoping he would give himself away as actually remembering.

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    • Crazy Train - DJ, Tue Oct 2 13:11
      • Train of thought - Jesse, Mon Oct 15 13:46
        “My head doesn’t hurt,” he answered the other boy, around a mouthful of pizza, that was quite tasty even with its lack of meat. After a quick assessment of the rest of his body, he answered, “My arm... more
        • Going off rails - DJ, Tue Oct 23 09:54
          So the cult boy’s head didn’t hurt meaning he hadn’t hit it. The kid did say his arm felt strange as he waved it around oddly. Maybe that was a signal to the cult that their kidnapping was going okay ... more
          • Does a stationary train have rails? - Jesse, Thu Nov 22 11:48
            The other boy claimed not to know him, which was fine - unsurprising, even, as the sensation was reciprocal: neither of them knew the other. In fact it very soon transpired that neither of the boys... more
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