Katherine Kendrick
Was it luck or was it skill?
Wed Oct 3, 2018 07:06

Kit Kendrick was having a zoomy day. It was Monday, which meant it was easier to be a vegan (or was she a vegetarian? The words were so close together she kept forgetting) than usual. It was also one of Brewey’s favorite days because he loved vegetables and boy howdy were there vegetables on Mondays. Not like there weren’t vegetables at other times. Vegetables weren’t like werewolves, after all. They were more like regular wolves. Well maybe not, because vegetables weren’t endangered and Kit was pretty sure there were loads of wolves that were endangered because humans were just the meanest. Why would you kill a poor little wolf? What if - oh no, what if the world you killed was actually a werewolf? Then you wouldn’t just be an animal murderer, you’d be a human murderer! Which wasn’t actually worse than an animal murderer but it was more illegal, although Kit thought it should be the same amount of illegal when it was nice animals, like wolves or Tasmanian Devils.

Once, Kit had asked for a pet Tasmanian Devil but she hadn’t gotten one, which was really unfortunate because they were super cute and they kind of looked like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, which was Kit’s favorite movie. In fact, she loved it so much that today she had on Stitch leggings (white, with little Stitches on them) and a sweatshirt that looked like Lilo’s doll, Scrump. To match the light mint-green shirt and the white-and-blue leggings, Kit had picked out her favorite crimson skort that went with everything. It didn’t quite have pockets deep enough for her wand, but that was okay.

She was coming from the theatre, where she had been working on costumes for The Fantasticks, and she was hoping to run into Satveer or one of her friends, like Remy or Anssi or her cousin Drew or her friend Dakota. Dakota just changed his name, which Kit thought was pretty cool because his old name was kind of weird and foreign but Dakota was a good name. It made her think of riding horses. Kit liked horses, although not as much as she liked other animals, like tarantulas or dragons, or even bearded dragons. She suspected she’d like thestrals a lot because they were so misunderstood but she couldn’t actually see them. Or she theoretically couldn’t see them. Although Kit supposed that if she actually couldn’t see them she wouldn’t know when she hadn’t seen them so maybe she had not-seen them after all and just didn’t know!

After walking into the Diner and taking a seat, putting her folder full of costume design information next to her, the girl took a big spoonful of sweet potatoes, plopped it on her plate, and immediately became confused. Was she on a train? It seemed like she was on a train, but she didn’t remember getting on a train. Then again, she realized with moderate surprise, she also didn’t remember what she was doing on the train. Or, in fact, what her name was. She looked down at her plate and saw that there was a folder next to her. It had patterned palm trees and pineapples on it over a blue background. Curious, she opened the folder and rifled through the pages inside. It looked like a bunch of designs for clothing. She brightened. She was clearly some sort of fancy clothing designer who -

All of a sudden there was yelling nearby and the girl whipped her head around to see someone who was probably taller than her yelling about his leg. With a gasp, she realized that he was correct: his leg had gone missing! Oh no! Well as a fashion designer it was definitely her job to help people with things like missing legs. First she checked to make sure that she had both of her own legs, just in case there was some sort of leg-plague-epidemic going around, then stood up and went to help the person who was yelling.

Then double all of a sudden, there was someone ELSE yelling! But they weren’t yelling anything that made sense, it sounded like if you put a bunch of vowel sounds in a blender. Somehow, the girl knew what to do. Loudly, she started yelling random noises right back at the second person who had started yelling, as reassuring as possible. “AAAHHEOOOOUUU,” she yelled, approaching him and flapping her arms like wings to show that she was a friend. “YYYYAAEEEO,” she yelled some more, flapping her arms reassuringly at the person who was missing his leg. “EEEEOOOUUUUUUU,” she concluded brightly, getting real close to the second boy’s face as she yelled it.

Now that was all sorted out, she could use her fashion designer powers to help find the first boy’s leg.

“It’s all right,” she told him. “I’m a specialist in leg-finding. It’s got to be somewhere around here, you can’t have lost it too long ago!”

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    • Was it luck or was it skill? - Katherine Kendrick , Wed Oct 3 07:06
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