It wasn’t very effective
Sat Oct 6, 2018 00:26

Before Aquaman could stop her, the blonde girl had poured her entire cup of water over his head. “Hey, what the pineapple?!” He didn’t know how he knew that word, but he knew it was a curse word. Based on how naturally it had come out without him even thinking about it, he was pretty sure that he was very used to saying ‘pineapple’ too. So apparently he was the kind of superhero who swore at civilians.

…wait. Was Aquaman a supervillain?

He shelved that thought to ponder later, but it was clear within a few seconds that he wasn’t growing gills and a tail. Huh. So he wasn’t a merperson. Or maybe he still was, but getting wet wasn’t the thing that would transform him back. Either way he had nothing to worry about from the water, apparently, which was good because living the life aquatic seemed like a bad idea in this… train car…? Wait, why was he in a train car?

While the blonde girl kept talking, Elliot looked at the plate of food he’d clearly just served If he was from under the sea then maybe he shouldn’t eat fish, because, like, what if he used to know that fish? But then again, he rationalized, people who lived under the seat probably ate fish all the time, because it was like, the only thing down there. So it’d be okay if he ate fishsticks now, and these ones looked very crispy and tartar sauce was mouthwatering so mmmmmmm.

He wasn’t super listening to the girl as he had a bite of dipped fishstick, but she definitely was veering into weird-crazy territory. Wow, she was such a shitty sidekick. He’d asked her not to do something and literally the first thing she did was the opposite. He could not even with her. Maybe swearing at this girl was not a villainous thing. She just sucked that much. “Okay, well, duh something is going on, but who would do that? And why?” Although that supported a archenemy-with-a-memory-wipe ray theory. Okay, Aquaman was a hero again.

  • Fishboy used Splash? - Petra Stiglitz, Mon Oct 1 14:18
    She was blonde. She only knew that because she could see the end of the ponytail that she held curiously in between her fingers. She was sitting at a table with people she didin’t recognize and she... more
    • It wasn’t very effective - Elliot, Sat Oct 6 00:26
      • Definitely not. - Petra, Sun Oct 7 17:53
        This kid definitely wasn’t a merman and he seemed kinda grumpy. He said a curse word and the blonde frowned. That wasn’t very nice and definitely wasn’t something that a superhero should say. “I was... more
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