Instincts or deja vu?
Sat Oct 6, 2018 07:28

She had just seated herself when the girl across from her reached into her bag, which made her hand dart towards her own bag, which she had just placed on the floor next to her. There was a moment of confusion about why that had happened before she realized that her hand was on a long stick - her wand, it was her wand. She couldn’t say she was ready for whatever the girl in front of her might do, but it was clear that there was something about her that made the girl who had just seated herself antsy on an instinctual level. But the girl in the dress didn’t pull out her wand and so she decided to pretend that she had been going into her bag for something else, and immediately drew out a folder. Huh. Curiously, she opened the folder.

“A lot of commotion, for a meal time,” she agreed, looking at the papers in the folder. Most of them seemed to be notes of some sort, but a sheet tucked in half at the back of the stack of papers in the folder caught her attention. She pulled it out and unfolded it. The name ‘Dakota’ was written all over the piece of paper, all looking slightly different. She quickly deduced that she must be Dakota, and that she had been practising her signature, although for what reason she could not tell.

“I’m Dakota,” she said, folding the paper back in half and tucking it in where she had found it. She closed the folder. “I don’t believe we’ve met.” She might be giving away more information than she wanted to, to this girl who was clearly someone to be concerned about if her instincts were to be considered, but Dakota supposed that if the other girl was actually the mastermind behind her memory loss, she would know about it already. And if she wasn’t, for whatever reason? Maybe she could be helpful in recovering the memories, or going after the true mastermind. Dakota looked at her again. Maybe this girl wasn’t the mastermind - she looked kind of delicate in her pretty dress, like she was more the sort of princess who needed to be rescued than a witch who locked the princess in a tower. “Why do you think everyone is so fussed at the moment?” Dakota asked off-handedly, trying not to reveal that she was testing this pretty girl to determine if she was behind all of this.

It was true - people did seem to be acting unusually. Well actually - could she say that? Dakota had no memory of any of these people; it wasn’t entirely impossible that they just acted this way all the time. But even considering that Dakota didn’t remember anyone in this room, there was something that told her this wasn’t a normal way for people to act. It suddenly occurred to Dakota that she might not be the only one struggling with memory loss. Was this some sort of large-scale operation to distract everyone so some sort of crime could be committed? No, that didn’t seem right. She looked at the girl across from her again as she took her first bite of pasta. It was clear that her dining companion wasn’t innocent - or was it? This was so confusing.

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    • Instincts or deja vu? - Dakota, Sat Oct 6 07:28
      • Or a premonition? - Claudia, Fri Oct 12 16:15
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