All this time I was finding myself
Sun Oct 7, 2018 12:10

He watched anxiously as the girl fumbled for her phone, his stomach sinking when she came up empty handed, but despite his terror he tried to adopt a neutral expression. The girl appeared as disorientated as he felt. Clearly, she had been drugged too and he did not want to alarm her further. He shoved his hands into his pockets and spilled their contents onto the table. A couple of strange looking coins, a thin pointy stick, a pack of gum and a crumpled piece of paper-but no phone.

She leaned in close to him, and he felt his heart beat against his chest, as she shared her suspicion. A cult. It should have sounded absurd- the paranoid ramblings of a girl who’d taken a bad pill- but he found himself nodding. Yes, this made sense. The oddly dressed children, the missing phones and the train. This was some sort of reeducation centre for troublesome members of a cult. “I think we’ve been drugged,” he said, voice muffled as he covered his lips with his hand. He couldn’t see any cameras but was certain they were being watched, they would have to be careful.

Seeking answers he grabbed the piece of paper and flattened it out onto the table, crinkles forming on his forehead as he read:


No, I haven’t seen your Quidditch gloves- Jeb thinks they might have been thrown out by mistake- but you should be more concerned with your studies anyway. You can’t afford to fall behind again.

Lots of Love, Mom

Ps. Can you tell E to stop sending home envelopes filled with glitter? Has been making a real mess.

He rubbed his temples, hoping something would come back to him. None of this was making any sense so he latched onto the only thing he could understand- the name: Leopold. Was he Leopold? Seemed like a nerd name. It must be him. That was something to work with.

His name was Leopold. Leopold was a nerd in a cult that disciplined people when they acted out of hand, and Leopold had a history of ‘falling behind’, it was no surprise, then, that his memory was wrecked if they drugged him on a regular basis. “I think-I think my parents sent me here,” he whispered, face crumpling, as he realised there was no one he could trust to protect him, “I think we’re being punished.” He wished he hadn’t spoke to the girl at all, he had been frightened at the thought of dealing with the consequences of a night of partying that had got out of hand, but a cult was a much bigger obstacle to overcome.

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