And you'll be a great one, I'm sure
Sun Oct 7, 2018 17:14

Brynjolf blinked one or twice as he tried to watch the young boy’s mouth move instead of relying on the quick quill. He’d taken a moment to tune it to the other student, as they were currently engaged in conversation. It tended to pick up a lot of noise and clutter of people having side conversations and so he’d been taught to make it so that the quill only picked up on the person he wanted it to. However, his attempt at lip reading didn’t go very well and he sighed internally, turning his gaze to the parchment once the other student had finished speaking.

He read over it quickly, not wanting to seem rude. It still took some getting used to, responding to what he needed to when he needed to. The adjustment period was slow for sure. Bryn was not sure who baby Billie was, nor was he certain the age of this child, but judging by the fact that the boy opposite him was still very young, he could easily conclude that Billie was in fact too young to understand what a portrait was. Babies only had a three second memory or something like that. “I see,” Bryn said, lifting his eyes from the paper once it became clear what the purpose of the picture was. “It’s a very good idea.”

And it was. The idea of sending a self portrait was good because if they saw it often enough, the child would have some form of recognition. However, the ketchup and fry masterpiece would certainly not last in the post, nor would it be even remotely identifiable as the young student. Still, the Draco could admire the effort put into it. He didn’t have much artistic talent, but drawings of people’s faces he could do. The other boy spoke again and Bryn started reading the words. He was ready to respond to the boy’s offer when the sentence changed right at the end.

Why is that feather tickling the page all by itself?

Bryn stilled as did the feather as the boy seemed to focus on waiting for an answer. “It’s not drawing a picture,” the seventeen-year-old replied, trying not to let raw emotion coat his tone. “It’s writing down what you’re saying so I can read it.” There that was an easy explanation. Bryn gave a wavering smile to the youth, shrugging his shoulders. “It doesn’t draw, but I could try to draw you if you wanted a second picture to send to Billie?”

  • I always wanted to be a role model - Eugene, Sun Sep 30 18:55
    Eugene’s portrait was uncanny! He didn’t exactly know what uncanny meant but it was probably a good thing. Well, he thought, glancing at his artwork, this was some of his best work, uncanny had to be ... more
    • And you'll be a great one, I'm sure - Bryn, Sun Oct 7 17:14
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