Definitely not.
Sun Oct 7, 2018 17:53

This kid definitely wasn’t a merman and he seemed kinda grumpy. He said a curse word and the blonde frowned. That wasn’t very nice and definitely wasn’t something that a superhero should say. “I was helping,” she said with an exaggerated roll of her eyes. “Everyone knows that Aquaman isn’t a merman so if you’re not a merman you could totally still be Aquaman.” She might not know who she was, but for some reason that was an item that stuck out in her mind. Definitely brainwashed. “Plus, you might not even be Aquaman because last time I checked, superheroes don’t use bad language.” She watched as the boy speared a fish stick and ate it. Definitely not a merman.

“Well I don’t know,” she said, crossing her arms defensively. For such a little squirt, this kid sure did think he was big stuff. The girl was pretty sure that she was bigger than him and any superhero had to be like at least six feet tall. Of course, if she pointed that out the boy would probably just curse at her again and that wouldn’t do well because she couldn’t promise that his tartar sauce wouldn’t end up in his lap along with anything else on the table. “It could be anybody for any reason.”

The girl would bet that this boy already thought that it was sometype of enemy because he was still Aquaman which was definitely stupid. And it was definitely irritating that definitely was a word she kept using in her head. Was she some sort of silly blonde preppy girl or something? She sure hoped not because that would be really bad. Definitely bad. Oops, there she went again with the definitelys. This day was not turning out how she would have liked.

“It’s better than any idea you’ve come up with so far,” she continued, defending her idea. There had to be some reasonable explanation behind her memory loss as well as anyone in the room. She still couldn’t remember why she’d been in the room in the first place or how she’d gotten on this so called “train”. Spying a bag by her feet, she reached down. “Let’s write down all our options,” she said, grabbing a pencil and paper. A few books fell out and the blonde leaned down to pick them up, something in the corner of one that had fallen open catching her eye. Written in neat little letters in the right hand corner was “P.S.” and she frowned. “I think my name starts with a P, at least if these are mine, I would assume those are my initials? But that doesn’t make sense, if they brainwashed us, why would they let us keep our stuff?” Unless they were trying to trick everyone, which could definitely be it!

  • It wasn’t very effective - Elliot, Sat Oct 6 00:26
    Before Aquaman could stop her, the blonde girl had poured her entire cup of water over his head. “Hey, what the pineapple?!” He didn’t know how he knew that word, but he knew it was a curse word.... more
    • Definitely not. - Petra, Sun Oct 7 17:53
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