Is sitting a skill?
Wed Oct 10, 2018 15:48

No matter how horrified you were, at some point you had to stop screaming in horror because you ran out of air or you just felt uncomfortable or something else crazy happened. In this case it was all three, because someone behind him started freaking out and when he turned around he saw a kid with a big reddish-purple birthmark on his face shouting in another language and brandishing a knife at him.

To his credit, he (‘he’ meaning himself, the guy with no leg. Apparently he had lost his name too. He was really bad at holding onto important personal stuff apparently) didn’t start screaming in horror again. What he did do was instinctively jump up to run away. His chair fell over and he twisted around to sprint far away from this foreign would-be stabber and that was when he discovered that it was actually pretty impossible to run with only one leg. He joined his chair on the floor less than a second later.

There was still a crazy knife guy, so No-leg rolled himself over (ow, now his real knee hurt too) (and also why did his not-there leg feel like it hurt? It shouldn’t feel anything. What was up with that?) and tried to get out of the way by pushing his one foot off the ground so he could scoot backwards. Now that he had more of a moment to focus he noticed that the foreigner’s knife was covered in what looked like cheese. It was less threatening that way, but he was still shouting in another language so Noleg thought it was still probably a good idea to not talk to him.

And now there was another crazy person on the scene—a little red-haired girl—screeching and doing some kind of weird rain dance. She was doing it at knife guy first, but then she came over and did it at Noleg, which he did not care for one bit. No matter what she claimed when she finished making whale sounds, he trusted her to find his leg about as far as he could run.

It dawned on him that he must be in some kind of asylum for the mentally ill. That would explain all the speaking in tongues and flapping and memory loss. He was also very sure that no matter how much memory he had lost, he was way more sane than these two lunatics. The good thing about them being really crazy was that it made him get his head on straight and stop freaking out himself. “DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?” Noleg said to the knife guy, figuring that talking loudly and slowly would help him speak English better or something. “Put your knife away,” he said, noticing that he had a Southern drawl. “We’re all patients here too. Ain’t no one gonna stab you.” Then he looked at the redhead. “And you’re welcome to look, little miss specialist, but it kinda looks like it’s not a new thing, see?” He pointed at his pants, which were clearly made for someone without a left leg. “‘Sides, you can’t just pop a severed leg back on.”

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