Don't believe anything you read
Wed Oct 10, 2018 19:34

”I dunno if I’m studying magic or romance.”

He blinked. He had not been aware either of those were things that people could study in school. They both sounded way better than history or social studies or whatever. Maybe those were the ones that weren’t real things, and he was even more confused than he thought? That was a dangerous line of thinking to go down though, there’s no telling where it would end. Probably with him wondering if he was a butterfly or something. Pulling his mind away from that nonsense he started watching the girl as she flipped through a planner, instead.

“There has to be some kind of clue. People not knowing who they are isn’t normal.”

It hadn’t occurred to him that what was happening might be normal, but now that it had he didn’t have any idea how either he or she could know one way or the other. It felt like it probably wasn’t normal but without any way of being certain… he’d probably wind up wondering if he was really a butterfly again.

Also he was pretty sure she wouldn’t find any clues in her planner. The only reason there’d be anything relevant in there was if she was the one who made everyone forget, and if she really had forgotten who she was (and if she hadn’t then she definitely wouldn’t find anything) finding out she was the one who did it would be a pretty uncomfortable realization, so it’d be best if he drew her attention away from that quickly. He wasn't sure he could say all that in way that made sense though, so he went with something else instead.

“With a face like yours, I definitely hope it’s romance,” he said as he slid into another seat at her table. Putting on his most confident smirk and quirking his eyebrow once he continued, “maybe we’re study partners.”

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